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    my "friend" is in high school and recently got new classes like everybody else.He hates them and feels completely dumb going to school because he don't need to take electives but the school is making him anyway. My friend left school early today completely pissed off and is tired of the public education system of North Carolina. Would my friend be considered anti social if he did online school to finish high school? he can smoke at home and smoking helps him learn a lot better. Lots of factors make him feel school is stressing him out and he is ready to just get it over with but don't want to wait another year sitting with his finger up his ass being taught something he wont need in the future. What do you guys think?    


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    I take online classes and I fucking hate its hard as fuck.It may sound good but it really isn't.
  3. If he thinks he's "stressed out" now, and leaves school to teach himself at home, he going to find that he will be in for quite a bit more stress in the future when the bills due and the only job he can get is flipping burgers at McDonald's.

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  4. Actually in highschool I dropped out and started doing homeschool for the same reason and I got lazy and didn't do much work. I missed my friends so just went back part time while doing other homeschool stuff. Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  5. Would not recommend it. 
    Up to him though   :confused_2:
  6. I just recently got put into alternative online schooling in Oklahoma. its 100% easier and no it wont make him anti social s long as he still hangs out with people lol. the only bad part it forcing your self to do it but my parents don't give a fuck bout it so its harder for me depends on him and the type of online classes i can google all my answers on my tests and what not hehe.
    which means the system failed you.
    you are learning nothing by just googling the correct answer...
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    i don't need to know why some random ass artist from 500 years go painted something to work in a factory. I'm not book smart in any way i accept the fact my future is working 12 hours a day on concrete.
    And have you ever done online schooling? Then you don't know what kind of work it is. it is nothing like regular school.
    Just curious did 11th grade science help you with what job you have now? Jw.
  9. Everyone has to take classes theyll never use in the real world.
    Highschool teaches you how to interact socially and how to participate in a system more than anything. These are tools that you will need later on in life.
    Suck it up buttercup
    you might not need to know that information on a daily basis, but i can assure you that random facts learned in school do come in handy. you might accept the fact that you will be busting your ass from 9-9 everyday and thats fine. what are you going to do when your body gives out? when you are no longer able to do physical labor, you will become useless...
    yes i have taken plenty of online classes at my university. i know the structure and dedication it takes to complete that type of course work much better than you...
  11. Thank god you didn't reply some bs lol. And yes i know what you mean by random facts come in handy but i only have a year to go and i feel as my self i have learned enough of the things that actually help you with life. and i don't plan on 12 hours daily work but most likely that's my choice i have plans on growing once i move out next year my sisters old trailer home is being passed to me and i'm moving it to the country and start growing but that's just hopes and dreams.
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    I took online classes in High School in NC. You pretty much have to teach yourself. You get assignments and chapters and you do the work and a lot of it.( Well the same amount of work like a regular class room)
    If he doesnt have the discipline to sit down hours a day and read a textbook/skim a textbook and understand things himself it will be hard. There is a teacher to email but it is email and you have to wait for the teacher to respond and there is only so much help you can get through email.
    if you are in high school and truly believe you have learned everything in the world that you need to know, i honestly feel sorry for you. thats a sad way to look at life...
  14. i dropped out. but once i got kiked out of highschool i did online classes for  a while. if hes anti social hell be anti social weather hes at school or not. i wasnt anti social. i partied everyweek. went out everyday. nd still did me. if he has no homies then hell be stuck at home doin nothing. but if he likes to go out nd have fun hell still do that. for me school was a wiaste. i wud go. ditch class. cuz when i wanted to learn the teachers wud throw a book nd tell u to read it. nd best of all u can find all the answers to tests nd quizes online. i was just stupid nd still didnt do it nd ended up dropping out. thankfully it hasnt fucked up my sucess just cuz i turned hobbies into buisnesses. but bottom line is its up to him if he wnats to be social hell be social. honestly almsot everyone i kno ended either dropping out early getting there ged or going to home schooling and continuation school. i agree school was stupid af. wehn am i ever gonna need physics in the real world
  15. High light where i said i know everything in the world please. i said i know enough/most of the shit you learn in high school that actually benifits you in life most of it comes after in trial and error.
    read between the lines and actually absorb the message of my words, not just the actual wording. thats something you would learn if you stayed in school. 
  17. There is a fine line between knowing " enough of the shit " and " knowing everything in the world " my good friend.
    Done with this stupid bickering shit on forums////
    P.S. I'm still in school dumb fuck. I got kicked out for tobacco and put into alternative and the school was 35 miles from my house and i drive a jeep. aka gas hog can not afford to drive 20$ a day online schooling was my only choice.
    i feel bad for you because?
    your own fault, man up and accept the consequences. 
    why did you buy a gas hog jeep if you cant afford to drive it? another well thought out plan there kid...
    id actually bet some pretentious little kid like you was given a vehicle.
  19. when did i say feel bad for me. i can afford to drive it just not 70 miles when i can do the same thing at my house. and i'm not crying about my consequences i'm just stating facts that most people would of done what i did.
    P.S. Don't diss a jeep till you have one. i would rather have my jeep and not drive it anywhere but to work then have a fucking jdm ricer.
    you cant afford to drive 70 miles to get a high school education...
    yet you can buy cigarettes to get expelled?
    you definitely did alot more than that to get sent to an alternative school, shouldve learned your lesson.
    i know this because i have done it all bro. been suspended. had to make up time. been expelled...
    and i graduated from a normal high school, on time.

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