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    I just moved into my own apartment in Florida, and it just dawned on me that I can grow my own weed now. I have a perfect spot -- it's a storage closet just off my balcony, it's got plenty of room for a good size plant (don't know the exact dimensions, probably like 10 feet high and 6 feet wide). The thing is, will the weather permit? Generally you can't grow outdoors in the winter because it's too cold, but this being Florida, I don't think it'll be getting too cold.

    So will this plan work? Can I plant the seed now and get a good harvest? And a quick note about security -- the door locks and there is nothing to repair in there, so even if maintenance did come into my apartment to fix something (they'd give 24 hours notice anyway), they would have no reason to unlock the door and go in there.

    EDIT: there's only one bulb in the closet. Will that be enough light? It's pretty bright, but I don't know how much the plants will need. I would use a flourescent bulb.
  2. You're gonna need more than one bulb in your closet.

    Either use a shitload of fluorescents or get an HPS.

  3. What's an HPS? I only have the one light fixture in the room, I don't really want to do any more wiring.
  4. Make sure its a grow light and actually has growing potential and just not a random lightbulb. hps stands for high pressure sodium, which is a type of light bulb( look it up).

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