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  1. I wanna do a small single personal grow up. Just one plant for personal use. I know its probably been posted but does anybody got a list of ALL the materials I would need? Not looking to spend alot cause im on a budget. Just wanna start a small simple single plant indoor grow.

  2. Look first, ask second.
  3. You got a link? Does it have a list of items of what to get? I just wanna get my stuff situated. I am looking more of a response of something like.

    You will need this, it cost about this much $xx.xx
    You will need this, it cost about this much $xx.xx

    ect you get my point
  4. LOL another one of these post... I don't know of a link but I find the best thing to do is search the grow journals section and steal other growers ideas! Honest, that way you get to see what works for you and the results, also you get some idea of cost.

    I wish I'd have found GC before my grows, I know I could have done a better setup now for less.

  5. Haaa. Good idea. I'd work with that man.
  6. Alright ill look around. But lets just say I am gonna be using a small plant pot and just like put it in my closet. Would I basically only need a light?
  7. That was my good deed of the day, helping you out! I knew I should not reply to these kind of post.

    Go and read some stickys and some post
  8. Ya ive been reading the stickies. Seems pretty simple. I am just confused on how to keep my space a certain temperature and how to keep the fresh are moving.
  9. Which journals did you look at to come up with that??? I know it wasn't mine or any that I have seen!
  10. I wasnt look at any of them when I made that comment! LOL I am looking at Grandpas Grow Guide right now. The first process seems pretty self explanitory. So for the first week you keep the light on the plant 24/7. Then after that is it 12 hours on 12 hours off everyday for the rest of the grow?
  11. Phew, well done you are on the right road. You can grow big or small, with low cost or high. Im sure you will have lots of questions later but for try to find out what you can by reading as you will see hundreds of post on here like yours and not many poeple will answer.

    Good luck
  12. Ya I am trying :D I only wanna grow a single plant. I was looking at the CFL guide and that seems like just what I am looking for. What type of wattage CFL light would I need for just a single plan in a single pot?
  13. At least 100w per plant. Also you need 2 types of bulb for the best results, I only use cfl's for vegging but if space is an issue then they are great. Also you are going to need fans, nutes and some kind of odor control as you will know by now. Also its a good idea to test the PH of your tap water to see if you are going to need to adjust it.

    Its best to do it right, its a bummer waiting months for crappy bud or none at all!
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    Just normal fans? Or heating fans? Also what would I do to keep a steady temperature in the space that I am growing in?
  15. You need to be setup to know what your temps will be. As for fans, some people on here are even using computer fans and just using gel for odor control. Also its not just temps you need to check, you need to know how humid it will be, and light proof!

    You also need to learn how to search dude, you can maybe practice by searching how to +rep?!? LOL

    Now go search away at some folks grow journals and see which small grows you like the look of and what they are using. Planning is the key, I did my first grow before I found GC, it was costly and awful. If you want bud you are going to have to learn lots or else why wait all the time? And it takes a while until harvest time!
  16. LOL I wont mind if my first attempt fails. Afterall I would have only wasted time and a seed since I will be able to re use most of my materials. I am pretty sure I have a good spot. Its in a big cabinet inside a closet. So if I shut the cabinet no light will get in. Then shut the closet door and I DEFINETLY know no light will get in :D
  17. Yes but if it fails then you might have wasted alot of time! A seed can= A lot of dank bud in the future.


    For real, why set out with that frame of mind? I'd want dank ass long term bud for very little! But whatever, Im going to leave you to it to search and learn or not.


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