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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Slanger, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. I've been skimming this site for about a month and got really interested in growing. I read DierWolf's LST on growing (thank you it was very helpful) but while skimming, I also saw the difficulty in it. I just want to see if it is worth it. I thought of growing indoors and using my old 40 gallon fish tank to do so. Attached is a photo of my other hobby, keeping saltwater coral and fish. I hope this shows my dedication to what I do and what I plan on doing. I am planning on growing in my back yard and most probably gonna be using these seeds:

    Flame on if you want, but helpful suggestions are very very welcome. I live in the SF bay area if that helps.

  2. Why use an aqaurium if you're growing out side? Also you missed the season. Good luck man all I can say is read, read, read.

  3. DUDE!!

    Thats a bomb a$$ tank! Quick sad sad story.... my friend had a 75 gallon and his gradma was cleaning the outside... with some sort of liquid sope... bottle fell in and killed all life... I know... Sad = (

    But atleast you have MH lights!! lol.... Thats good for letting your seedling grow up to be strong enough to bud, thoug not efficient enough to make them actually bud so think of that...

    THE best advice you'll ever get in the subject is read and learn... Hell... I think im going to make me a new sig/ for the absolute beginners section that say " L 2 GOOGLE ", thats very over looked these day... :smoke:

    So are you doing an inside and out side or are you going to start them of in veg inside and finish the in flower out side??

    Hydro Soil??


    How much space you working with?
  4. The harvest time says november? Or should I ignore that? I know about reading up, trust me. To get a tank like that I needed to read my fair share of info. Lol. I totally respect what you guys are saying. Thanks alot. If I missed season I guess I'll go ahead and use my 250w MH's for the 40g tank. I'll get to working on it now. Lol.
  5. Oh yeah, if I have a back yard to work with. I have just about 10 feet of area to grow in. Unlimited height.
  6. Oh yeah, and also. If anyone have extra seeds they can donate to me that would be AWESOME!
  7. Donate? Like give seeds to you for FREE?? Yeah, right.

    Nice aquarium, very pretty.
  8. Haha, free!!! Never hurts to ask, =D

    Thanks. Its my baby. Lol

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