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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wildc@rd, Nov 22, 2001.

  1. I got some seeds the last time I was in Amsterdam and haven't got round to doing anything with them co's frankly... I know bog all about growing pot.

    I have some questions...

    1. If I grow an individual plant, will it stink the house out ? (I share an apartment with two lesbians who are seriously not into the scene.)

    2. How long will an average sized plant take to grow without the aid of lights or heaters ? (bear in mind that thw radiators are always on in my room - it's a freakin sauna most days)

    3. Will I need to keep the plant in direct view of the window, or can I assume that the ambient light of the room (with shades kept open) will be enough to help it along.

    4. Are supplements like 'baby bio' a good idea for hurrying things along?

  2. #1 Depends on the type of plant. A Nortern light doesn't have much of an odor but others are very pungent.

    #2 If grown in soil, expect 4 months.

    #3 You need a supplemental light source like fluoroscent lights. The plants need 18 hours of direct light during the veg. stage and then 12 hour during flowering. Won't get much growth from the short duration of indirect lighting this time of year.

    #4 You can't hurry Mother Nature.

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