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Thinking About Growing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheMunchinPanda, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. And using hydroponics. I was thinking about getting this.
    Stealth Hydroponics, Inc - $4.99 Shipping! - Hydroponics Systems and Supplies, plant lighting, Aeroponics, grow room, hydroponics shops, grow tent, hydroponics kit, grow kits, buddinghouse > GH Powergrower Eco

    I think it would work well and easy. I'm only looking to grow one plant at a time for my own use. I'm looking up videos and guides and such so I should know (way different that correctly doing) what I'm doing when the time comes.
  2. Sweet man. Have any seeds?
  3. I have one of those that I bought used and have never taken it out of the box.

    I think they should work fine, although in essence all that is is a fancy bubble bucket that you could put together for way cheaper. It would be fast and easy to just use that unit though.

    I do a perpetual with four 3.5 gal bubble buckets in veg and four undercurrent 18 gallon buckets for flower. I run the nutes on the low side in flower and it seems to work fine.

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