thinking about growing...will this work?

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    well...all my connections moved. I'm in Orlando, FL so I know there are more connections somewhere but I don't know them, and I'm a little bit weary of asking around. So the next solution is to grow it.

    I have a fenced in back yard and we have a lot of herbs growing outside, so I thought about plopping a plant in the middle of all the herbs. I could cut it short so it doesn't get too tall, but I'm not sure the herbs will overpower the smell of THE herb.

    So I did a little looking on Lowe's website, and I found this:


    It's fairly small, so I could keep it inside or even on the back porch maybe. But will this be enough room to grow enough to keep me happy? The dimensions are 36-1/4"H x 26-1/2"W x 14-3/4"D. I can sit a little rubbermaid veg chamber on top. The biggest issues are smell and light. I'm assuming I can probably light proof this pretty well. I know a carbon scrubber will have to sit outside of this, which sucks because I'd like to keep it as "all in one" as I can.

    Any suggestions or comments on this cab? It's ~$100 and I guess that's my limit when it comes to buying a cabinet. It's small which is nice because it can tuck away in my closet without a problem.


    EDIT: I found this too ( It's cheaper and slightly larger. Made of the same material (resin). Any thoughts?

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