thinking about growing need help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tryisforfail, May 2, 2006.

  1. yeah im thinking about growing and i need some help idk liek what i shoudl be using as light and when to harvest i think i have like all the basics down but if it would be possiable could u guys go over like everything so it would be better for me and should i make like a growing

    i herd that i could use a 75w light bulb or what should i use and i wanna grow indoors
  2. nahh man i havent looked at those sites but i have been on google looking up i just want to make shure there just not bull shitting me ya no but i'll check those out man
  3. yeah i read those and i didnt see like basics on there just like 2 grow 1-2 plants at a time

    just i need like basic infor like what to get and what to have and that was telling me to have like all this expensive stuff and i kinda got confused lol
  4. The grow guides don't tell you how to grow lots at a time while skipping over how to grow a little at a time. The principles are the same no matter the scale.

    Read up, your answers are in there.
  5. then try this:

    if you still can't figure it out, you have either smoked yourself stupid or may just be too dumb to grow pot.:D
  6. if you don't come back with specific questions, no one here is going to help you. I'm surprised no one here has yet flamed you.

    seriously, do you really expect help when you basically said "How do you grow pot?"
  7. alright i was just asking if u guys could go over the basics to make shure i new everything and didn't screw up my first batch of seeds i have and that website the last 1 u gave me help me out with going over the basics so im fine now thanks guys

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