Thinking about growing lowryder strain......but first, i have questions

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by taitpeter, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. im thinking about growing the lowryder strain in a little stealth box i have, but before i order the seeds, i have a few questions.

    -Will the plants odor be very strong?

    -What kind of light do you recomend for them?


  2. Despite the fact that I do not like the Lowryder strain, I'll do my best to help you out.

    The odor shouldn't be much of a problem, but then again that depends on the number of plants you're planning on having. Odor will not be a problem until the last three weeks of flowering through drying & curing. During then, measures such as vinegar in a dish or incense will cover up small smells, but for a large amount a carbon filter is in order. True, they cost a bit, but then again your odor problem will be 100% under control.

    The light also depends on the number of plants. In a stealth grow, I'm not expecting more than 2 or 3 plants, right? I would suggest using a couple of compact fluoros (cool/warm for veg, warm/warm for flower) through the lives of the plants. If you were not going for stealth, I would instantly tell you to get your hands on MH and HPS lights. Compact fluorescents will work well for stealth, due to the fact that they radiate hardly any heat at all.

  3. Lowryder is cute but I wouldn't recomend growing it. I used to be like hell bent non the idea of growing it, and wouldn't listen to anybody tell me not to..... lemme tell you why I decided not to grow it. I'm not saying don't, I'm just saying theese are the reasons I'm not growing it.

    -60 bucks for 10 seeds. Ok if 5 are female and produce 7 grams each, I would of paid 60 bucks for a little over an ounce. And that's just in seed cost, that's before nutrients, pots, time/effort, hours of research, and of course the whole risking prison time thing.

    -You can't clone them. Once they're grown out that's it. It's over, you can't pick a clone mom and keep her going.

    -Here's a little math for you say you wanted to grow under a 1k watt, and you planted lowryder 4 per sqaure foot. Alright 50 watts per sqaure foot, leaves us with about a 4'x5' space. That's 20 sqaure feet. Ok so 4 plants per sqaure foot. 80 plants. So that's 8 packs of 10... a pack of 10 is 60.... so that's.... $480.00 dollars worth of seeds. Consider half of them will be males... that's not very particall. (I know you're not growing on such a large scale, but I was just using it as a reference.)

    -Part of it's genetics comes from ruderalis. (sp?) <------- That shit's basically dirt weed.

    -More plants = more prison time.

    -And my final point. Lowryder take about 8-9 weeks from dry seed. There are SEVERAL strains that can be flowered in 45-55 days.......... Ok if you had a clone mom, you could cut clones, and they would root probally within 1-2 weeks time, jump them straight into flower for 6-8 weeks. And there's you're 7-10 week strain right there.... A strain that'll save you time and money. Because it's gaurnteed females, and you never have to buy more.

    Just my two cents on why not to grow lowryder. Now to answer your questions.

    -I'm not sure about the odor, but I know it's kined to northern lights which is notrious for being low in odor.

    -Hps will probally be the best, since they go straight to flowering. But floros would work fine too. MH wouldn't be a bad choice, but hps is probally the best for them.

    Good luck buddy.
  4. Amen, Otto.

    That's pretty much been my argument from the beginning, fact for fact.

  5. If you guys dont reccomend the lowryder strain, then what do you reccomend? The only reason i was thinking about lowryder was i dont have ver much vertical space, maybe 2 feet maximum.

    -Could you reccomend a better choice for a small stealth grow?

    thanks guys

  6. Nailed it Shorty!
    But ruderalis isnt as shitty as its being made out to be!
    On average they have just as much thc as sativa/indica!
    The main reason no-one grows em is cos of the way they flower with age rather than the photoperiod! and a few other less desirable traits just like lowryder, Too awkward for indoor growing really!
  7. 2 feet maximum huh? That's going to be hard buddy....

    Is that 2 feet maximum total height, or 2' plant height?

    Cause if that's with the lights and all, you might be s.o.l. on anything growing there.

    ........Look up some information about scrogging. It'll really help lower your vertical height, it will yeild more than sog, but it take's longer.

    Check out this link and see if it doesn't inspire you.
  8. I'm new to all of this as well, so correct me if I'm wrong, but if you get males with seeds on them won't some of those seeds be female? That would mean that if you had a male plant with a bunch of seeds on it, you'd have way more than just 10 seeds if any number of them were males. Then you'd already have the females from your pack for bud, in addition to whatever more females you'd get from your male plants. If I'm right, you wouldn't need to buy that many packs of seeds; you could just grow one "father" plant of seeds to grow.
  9. Its a good thought, but a bit flawed. Male plants don't produce seeds, female plants do, but only when pollinated by male plants. If you have a group of plants, the males will pollenate the females and they will still bud, but this time the buds will have seeds. Because of this extra amount of energy that the plant is putting into producing seeds, not as much energy is focused on producing good bud, which is why people prefer to grow sensimilla (seedless females) rather than leaving their males alive to pollinate the plants.

    Many growers will allow the plant to grow to maturity, and when they see it is a female, they wil leave in in a vegetative state to just keep living and growing, then they will take clones of the plant by cutting off branches and planting them. Clones root in 1-2 weeks, and can then be directly flowered, and since they were taken froma female plant, they are guarenteed females. Many large scale outdoor growers, will, however, pollenate a few females to produce seeds for next year.
  10. But would those seeds from the seedling plants be male and female or just male? Cloning isn't really an option for lowryder because the grow cycle is too short (6-8 weeks). And I"m not even saying that we'd grow the male plants for their weed; we'd just grow them for their seeds
  11. Seeds can turn out to be either male or female.

    If cloning isn't an option then you can take a single female and male plant and contain them away from your other females. The male will eventually pollenate the female plant, when she produces bud, it will have your seeds.

    You could also grow a male plant in containment and remove some of the pollen from it with a plastic bag, and try to self pollenate a female plant at a later date. I think you can store pollen in the freeszer, but don't qoute me on that.
  12. why do people like this strain so much? ive never heard ANYTHING good about it. except noobs that are hell bent on it.
  13. What do you guys recommend for nutrients? I was also wondering, my friend told me that coffee grinds are a good fertilizer. Is that good for weed? I thought it might be too high in acidity, but I don't know how my plants will react to it.
  14. Well, as a novice grower I can say that lowryder isn't all that bad. As long as you can get seeds cheap! Paying $60+(I have heard of people paying more for 10 seeds) just isn't feasable. I have had a lowryder produce 24g dry. But it was total luck. More than usual, most LR will top out at 14g-15gdry. They say right in the description, 7g-14g yeild. If you are limited in space and just want a little bit of smoke, Build a box that can accomodate at least 20 LR. Time your grows so that you can harvest every 25-30 days and you'll be fine. But you will definately want to do some seed producing. Best way for that is. Build one tiny box that can fit your best looking male in it. Give it minimal light and take it's pollen. When it comes time to pollinate your female. Remove her from the rest, pollinate her and stick her in the males box. As for storing pollen. Mix a little bit of flower with the pollen(not too much. 4-1 pollen/flower) and you can stick it right in your fridge till you need it next.
    Hope this helps a little bit.

    And one more thing, Good luck finding lr seeds from companies. Most of them are and have been out of stock for awhile. so in the odd chance that you like this plant. Get a good amount of seeds and hope for at least one male. And use one female to produce seeds!

    Mr. Black

  15. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Lowryder is a great out door strain and you can produce huge amounts with only 5 seeds.

    Lowryder 2 takes 2 months to grow so why not just pollenate the females for seeds

    I currently have 5 growing outdoor, I got 3 females and 2 males.

    2 are for seeds and 1 is for smoke.

    im planning on getting 200-500 seeds from them(they are both fully pollenated) Ive heard I might get more.

    so.... say you started in may like i did they will finish the end of june.

    june-augest, i have 500+ seeds to plant

    since lowyder are so small and hard to spot you can plant them just about anywhere and everywhere.

    With an 1oz-2oz a plant and hundreds of plants you can see how that could be alot more appealing not to mention we are only into augest all from 5 seeds.

    sept-oct you can grow for more seeds and get even more
  16. :mad:hey, i have 2 low ryder female as much i can see, they are 39 days and 8 inchs tall, i stunt them on the age of 3 weeks old, maybe fertilizer or the transplante was the problem but by now sould be ok i dont know what was the problem, one is look litlle better then the other,but no buds and no signo of flowers can u help if u grow this before, i had some MH light from home depot (philips) 400w and no grow at all like i told to u 39 days has to flowering, can be hermie dont look like, some people said can be the 202020 nuts if burn the lefs delay the flowering period after 3 weeks i put a 400w HPS and they are growing litlle better 8 inchs tall and very bush so i quess it is going to take 80 days to be read. some other people said they see low ryder takes to 80 95 days to be harvest temp. lights out 68d to 73d and lights on 87d to 94d and i have a in take fresh air i will try to get some pictures but i dont have the right camera to take the picture :wave: thanks every one

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