Thinking about growing indoors i got a few qustions

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SequoiaThrone, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. MY partner is getting itchy and doesn't want to wait till april to grow, he has a bit of experince with indoor ops, but not to much, so what i need to know is what is a mogul base? And whats a mogul adapter? Do you screw the adpater into your fixture that can handle the bulb ( i got some industrial metal lamp fixtures that can handel 660w and 220v, i am not going paying out of my ass for a ballast) and then screw the bulb in? or do you need some special voodoo magic expensive fixtures?

    I can get the bulbs for cheap, i am planning on starting one of my wonder womans, durban poinsons, moby dick, and my auto flower roadrunner, all fem :)

    Dmitri K

  2. After posting this i did more reading, and it seems that eveyone on the int3rwebzz says you need a ballast regardless of wattage, someone told a kid in a forum he needed a ballast for a 75 MH bulb. I have to say WTF, in my garage i will have My mig welder (god knows how much juice that uses), two drop lights they use regular incan 55 watters, while running three hood fixture two flour tubes each (idk the wattage, but they are like 4 footers or so) my freezer and some other odds and ends running, i can pretty much gaurentee that uses more volts amps or what ever have you then a couple 400 watt lights.

    Wrong or right?

    And if you haven't took a large watt bulb ( i am gonna say anything over 150 watts) and screw it into a fixture that has specs to handle that ammount of wattage and volts or more, and have it blow or fail ...OR if you dont know anything about electrical fundmentals, then replying to this would probably a waste of your time. But if you know your electricty and shit from schooling and already know that this would be a text book bad idea then let me know.


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