thinking about growing for first time, need advice

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  1. Considering Purchasing these exact feminized AK-47 seeds from this site link AK 47 Feminized Marijuana Seeds High Quality feminized seeds Information on the quality of the product would be great.

    I plan to visit this store at the end of the week to look at supplies Be Well Hydroponics and Urban Gardening

    If I do go through with this I plan to use a twenty gallon planter pot and will grow 3 plants. PLEASE someone who actually knows what they are talking about give me information on what exactly to buy at the store. I have done a ton of research and reading but would still like opinions from others. I want proper soil, fertilizer, insect repellant, etc. If I get around to doing this it will be an outdoor project. I am aiming to get fox farms products because I have read many good reviews. A feeding chart would be great also. Any information would be helpful especially a list of questions of what I need to ask an employee for help. First time poster. Thanks
  2. I dont know shit about shit but I know that if you're growing 3 plants then you want 3 separate pots not one large one..
  3. So no offense, but i would recommend researching more starting a small legal garden, of tomatoes, quinoa, bellpeppers and watermeleons. If you practice with those you will get the feel for maryjane.

    But that aside i will answer your questions.

    1. Pot size: since you want to do this outdoors, 3 10 gallon pots min.
    2. Outiside: it is getting really late to be starting your plants from seeds.
    3. Soil: you said that you want to use fox farm. I would suggest 3 bags of Happy frog 2 bags of Ocean Forest.
    4. Fertilizer: I would suggest Happy Frog Fruits and Flowers 5-8-4 adding that month and half after they show their first true leave. The soil is very rich so it wont need alot.
    5. Pest control: Either Dont Bug Me or a spray bottle with a dab of soap, garlic, peppermint and little neem oil.
    6. Water bucket.

    Keep'em burning
  4. Thanks for the info. If I was to start this late what problems would I run into? Would I mix the happy frog and ocean forest, and if so how much of each for a twenty gallon bucket? Remember I have three so how much in total should I consider buying? Thanks again.
  5. Three twenty gallon buckets. 3 bags of ocean forest 5 bags of happy frog. But off hand i dont know. Thats my best guess. Well starting them this late, by the time they get up and going they will start flowering so no veg time. That will kick your yields in the balls. But plus side they wont be huge. So you may not even need 20 gallon pots.
  6. sounds good, If I wanted to save the seeds for next year would they keep or be worthless a year from now?
  7. pack them in a air tight container with something to absorb water. Then put them in the freezer, they should keep a min of 5 years if water doesnt get to them. So once you seal it dont open until ready to use. Thaw for 3 or 4 days then germ.
    Keep'em burnin'
  8. adding to what dirtyviperman said.... put a small layer of rice in the container to absorb any moisture that creates in it and then put a paper towel on the rice and finally put the seeds in(make sure they do not get in contact with the rice)

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