Thinking about going vegan

Discussion in 'General' started by chile6, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Are any of you blades vegan? if so is it worth it?

    Ive been toying with the idea to help be a bit more healthy but im not sure if i can give up the steak and chicken
  2. Thats not healthy. A variety of different types of food is what you need
  3. i was vegan for a few months
    but my rock climbing coach almost slaughtered me whenhe found out
    now im just a vegitrian
    and its good i like it :D
    but after about 7 months u can start to feel it
    esp if u dont take vitamins
    which i dont
    so u should make sure u do
  4. if it's only for health purposes, i wouldn't suggest it. you can be healthy without being vegan.

    i'm only vegetarian, but i imagine being vegan would be quite difficult... which might end up making your health worse if you can't manage to keep up with it and continue to get all the proper nutrients that you need. i do want to try it when i'm out on my own and buying my own food and what not, though... but if you're a meat-eater and only want to improve your health, i don't think vegan is the way to go.

    just make healthier food choices...
  5. oh and when u get the munchies this diet is EXTREMLY FUCKING HARD
  6. Diets are for unmotivated people or people who don't like meat and other foods full stop
    or people who may have a condition that effects what they can eat.

    Want to be skinny? Eat what you want but don't be lazy.
    Do something in your day.

    If you are worried about killing animals you have a problem.
    It's called a food chain.

  7. I've been vegetarian for a while and vegan for a month. I feel super healthy, but I take vitamins. I've lost some weight, which is what i wanted to do, but once winter is over for me and I get motivated to excersise again, I'm gonna go back to being vegetarian because being vegan is too hard for an aspiring cook IMO.
  8. I have no doubt that it is a part of the destiny of the human race, in its gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals, as surely as the savage tribes have left off eating each other.... ~Henry David Thoreau, Walden, 1854
  9. meat is murder......tasty, tasty murder

  10. haha thats funny. The day all men stop eating meat is the day man no longer drinks water.
  11. now a days with all the vitamins and knowledge of other protein rich foods
    meat is uneccessary
    water is unsubstitutional
  12. Learn to cook meat better. Its not all about the protein.
    Meat is to tasty to ever give up, as if everyone will stop eating meat.

    Never ever ever ever ever gonna happen, when the earth comes to an
    end weather its an alien invasion or meteor smashing into the atmosphere
    people will probably end up carnivores anyway so it's only a temporary fix
    cos there will be no food left i would guess.
  13. hey im not agiasnt eating meat at all
    its just not in my belief to
    and if i did then i wouldnt be following my morals and im sure its that way for a lot of vegitarians
    im not trying to change the world im just sticking to my morals

    vegitarian pussy tastes better ;D

  14. Weed is uneccessary also. Do you believe people will quit consuming it too?

    If anything people dont do what they need and do exactly what they want.
  15. smoking weed doesnt result in killing animals.
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    an animal being killed for humans to eat for taste purposes is a lot different than smoking weed.

    just sayin'.

    bah -- bliss junkie beat me.
    p.s. i'm not against those that eat meat. i just think it is unnecessary... so no one freak out.
  17. You're trying to lure me to the darkside.

    I'm putting you on my ignore list.

    Jk hahaha im so baked hey im gonna have another bowl just
    to chill me out im just playin hahahaha I don't have a problem
    with vegetarians and vegans i just really think its weird :p

  18. Animals are here to provide for us.

    Whether pulling a wagon or filling my stomache or an alarm to bark when someones in my yard.

    Not our equals lol
  19. Exactly, but killing a cannabis plant to smoke is like destroying a forest for timber production.
    You hippy.

  20. A fat man may disagree. He may love eating that steak just as much as I love smoking a bowl.

    This can go on forever

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