Thinking about giving weed tea to my grandma?

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  1. Last year my grandpa passed away (R.I.P.) and him and my grandma had been together for 50+ years, so she was completely devastated. She was not herself for months afterwards and it was very depressing to see her like that. Today she is doing much better emotionally, but I know she could be doing a lot better over all. She is always stressed, has trouble finding an appetite throughout the day, suffers from back and knee pain (she had to have knee surgery a while back) and some nights she still cries herself to sleep. She takes bunch of different prescriptions, all of which I believe weed could replace. We live in Texas so sadly an MMJ card is not an option. I was thinking about brewing some weed tea and bringing it to her... I wouldn't exactly tell her there was weed in it, but tell her there's chemicals called CBD and THC in it and then tell her the medical benefits of both. She is completely against drug use, she was raised in a small town in East Texas so she has a very old fashioned view on everything. But if I got her to drink it and she liked it, I would eventually tell her that CBD and THC are the two main active ingredients in marijuana. I have no idea how she would react, but considering that I told her all the benefits of the two chemicals before I actually ever suggested it was weed, and plus if she liked it then I don't see what she could really say negatively about it...? What does the GC community think about this?
  2. I would think long and hard before doing that...imo, you shouldn't medicate someone without their knowledge, she might go off the deep end and you might end up in jail.....
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  3. as long as you tell her what youre giving her, i say go for it man. 
  4. I cant imagine a sweet grandma calling the cops on him for that.
  5. If she's having problems with depression and taking meds for it, the weed tea might weird her out to the point of seeking help at the hospital...and when it comes out her grandson gave her an illegal drug it won't matter if she loves him or not...they're in Texas, not a real liberal thinking place.....
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  6. I guess you got a point, Texas being Texas:/
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  7. lol there's more liberals than you might think
  8. You should explain the benefits and show her some information on the subject.
    I wouldn't give it to someone who didn't know what they were getting..that just seems to me the wrong way to do it.
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  9. But technically I am telling her what it is.
  10. B/c really I'm not giving her weed, I'm taking the chemicals out of the weed and putting it in tea then giving it to her
    I'm not telling you what to do..just making the suggestion of showing her the information and seeing how she takes it before giving her a dose of weed tea that she doesn't know is weed tea. (She will know as soon as she tastes it btw)
  12. Well yeah I said in the original post I was going to inform her on CBD and THC. And no actually I don't think she will, I can safely say that she has never been exposed to marijuana and wouldn't know what it tasted like
  13. You're using technicalities to justify something you know isn't right, despite its inherent good intentions.

    Misleading her by using chemical names is deceitful and fallacious.

    And would you be giving someone apples if you gave them apple juice? How is your fallacious wording change the fact that you are indirectly giving her weed.

    You know it's bad to drug someone with something against their knowledge, let alone your depressed gramma.
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  14. You're not telling your grandma that she will get high. What if she freaks out? What if she has a heart condition she might not be aware of?
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  15. So what you're saying is if I tell her what is in the tea and what she should expect to feel after drinking the tea is wrong? You say "its bad to drug someone with something against their knowledge" as if I am drugging someone with something against their knowledge. I am going to assume you just misunderstood.
  16. Do it! Use really hot water and don't tell her until it wears off. 
    She sounds like a hypocrite for taking chemicals made in a lab lol.. I understand she's an old thinker but I don't know, people like that always pissed me off. Good luck though, make sure it's not shwag
  17. I didn't say I wasn't going to tell her she would feel high? I probably should have added that the tea is not going to have enough weed to get you stoned if you drink the whole thing. I'm going to make multiple batches with different amounts of bud and test them on myself until I find the amount that I feel will effectively give her the desired therapeutic effects.
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    You have a tolerance to weed, she doesn't. Just something else to consider.
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  19. I have zero tolerance, haven't taken a hit in a little over two months... And when my tolerance is at zero, its at ZERO. Lol
  20. It's still misleading and against her knowledge. Despite the good intention.
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