Thinking about getting T5 lights for Veg

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  1. Hey guys, so i plan to have two setups, one for veg and one for flowering. I plan to have six vegs and was wondering which T5 setup would be best? Thanks in advance.
  2. Best? most cost effective? veg only right?

    Best: Tek Lights (individual reflectors for each bulb) (cost prohibitive imo)

    Most Cost effective: New Wave (pseudo individual reflectors), Sun Blaze.

    Look at footprint and decide I would say 2ft bulbs and do the 4 or 8 bulb setup. or 2x2 or 2x4.

    Edit:: this is from memory when I was researching buying reflectors.

  3. Great thanks! on a side note, your sig says Caregiver, as a caregiver, how many plants are you allowed to legally have?

  4. 6 flowering OR 12 veg per card holder, however you can't just grow for someone, it is more or less limited to personal, friends, family, and people you are a nurse for. Granted this is still a grey area but if you want to stay within all confines of the law that is pretty much the guideline.

  5. And you can legally have up to 8oz ?

  6. Or whatever is specified by your doctor's rec.... I am not a lawyer btw, nor should this be taken as concrete legal advice. But based on my understand yes, and I think its OR 8 oz of dried.

  7. hehe, gotcha. Thanks though. very helpful. Anyways, i looked up the diff between T5 and MH for veg's and the T5 looks like it's better for Veg than MH based on heat and electricty. Is this true? Which woudl you prefer?
  8. I have a T5 I prefer my HIDS but I like the T5 as well... I thought about moving to T5 for vegging but I already have a 250W HID and soon a 400W HID (currently in grow room) I use my 250 + 100W LED and T5 for mothers. I will be moving my LED to mothers and 400 from flower to Veg and cover the same area as the 350W (250+100 LED). I actually have started the process and I have my T5 over some sprouting seeds (not cannabis) of my herb garden outside grow room.

    If I had the choice of 400W of HID or 400W of T5 fixtures at the same price I would take the T5's I think. Watt for Watt (IN VEG) I kind of like T5.

    Only problem with the T5 is I most likely wouldn't veg under it and the HIDs allow me to move stuff around easier and exchange bulbs, ballast etc. That make any sense or just confuse you more?
  9. Let's make this simple.

    I had HID and as I bought better HIDs I moved the lower ones down to Veg room. Now If I bought everything as a startup, I would probably go T5 for vegging and HID for Flowering.

  10. Well, you lost me when you said "only problem with the T5...." because right before that, you said, in VEG, u like T5 better than a 400w HID.
  11. great, that's what i needed to know. is an 8bulb 2 ft T5 setup overkill for about 6 vegs?
  12. I would look at the footprint more than the number of plants. Look at what fits your space how big you want to veg them etc. I would also do 2x4 bulb (costs slightly more) but you have the ability to have different plant heights then.

    EDIT: or 2x2 For 6 plants I would probably do 2 2'x2 or 2 2'x4 (most likely 2'x4) or Just start with 1 2'x4 bulb and then get a 2nd if you want it.
  13. Ok, got it. Because i have a closet that's about 5.5 x 4.5 and intend to section it off to where i'll have one setup for veg and the other for flowering. It should be ok as long as each section is covered up right?

  14. Veg / Clone / Mother needs 18+ Hours of light Flower needs 12 hours of darkness exactly. Really the flowering is what needs to be light sealed. Sealing veg is so you don't get leak INTO flower room or and to keep things stealth.

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