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Thinking about getting my mom weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The Evil Thing, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. I'm thinking about getting my mom a portable vaporizer+weed as a gift for her. She is 71 years old and has terrible arthritis in her knees, bad enough that she is partially crippled. It causes her immense pain and she tries tons of different painkillers and even a CBD cream but none of it really works. She has never gotten high, and has only tried smoking a joint once in college, which did not get her high. she is not against weed and knows that I smoke and has no problem. I know she will try it if I offer it to her. I don't think she would enjoy smoking, and I think a vaporizer would be better for her because of the no smell/ease of use/smoother hit/healthier/more medicated high. Thoughts? Good idea, terrible idea?

    We live in Texas so actual medical isn't an option.
  2. Great idea moms is gonna love ️ it. Don't fuck her up too bad on the first go now...I think she is good n to love ️ it. Put on some Jefferson airplane and give her some bubba kush mayne. I'm so happy for her...I think she is going to love ️ it...

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  3. I see what you want to do and it's very good from you but I would be cautious.

    Your mom is old and cannabis raises heart rate, which at that age isn't good as there's a higher risk of heart attack.

    I would really talk it with the doctor (even if it's not legal).

    My grandpa is also around that age and he's got big pain in his body, here at Spain weed is illegal and he's got morphine patches.
    I think weed would be much better for him, still I'm not gonna self-medicate him because there's too much that can go wrong, but obviously weed would be better than morphine, which is highly addictive and while weed wouldn't make him not feel any pain like morphine does, it would reduce it a lot without damaging him (in case that augmented heart rate wasn't a problem).

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  4. Edibles...plain and simple.

    Can start VERY low with a small portion of a cookie and go from there. Smoking is too strong for certain people to start off with, don't want to completely turn her off when you know it could be a life saver.
  5. She is a doctor lmao.
  6. Edibles are less potent than smoking? LOL

    Give me the dose for a high similar to a smoking high then, I want it to try edibles and not die trying.

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  7. Vaporizing. Not smoking. She can take a pull, wait, then take another pull 10 minutes later as needed. Edibles can work but I think this would be easier to start with. I also have my own pax 2, was thinking about lending it to her for a weekend to see what she thinks.
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  8. You can start out with VERY low edible doses easier than you can will last longer and functions more like a pill than smoking does.

    Coconut oil in capsules you can make doses as mild as you'd like...

    Do agree vaping might be a solution. I gave "someone" a few flakes for a similar situation and she was ripped to hell...not even .1
    I couldn't really make a smaller dose than that without baking.

    but a vape could work to that end better as a test I suppose, based off how it works. Might have to use that in future tests with this "someone" ;)
  9. Then... Sure go ahead, she knows what she can or cannot do haha.

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  10. I havent smoked weed yet. But from what I know you should get her blue dream.
  11. i could make some low potency edibles with the avb I have...
    The main reason I would go vaping is because she doesn't cook anymore, like not at all, and with how easy my pax 2 is i think it would be very user friendly to her. this would really just be for after work as that is when she is definitely at her worst. I've never made edibles myself so I'm kinda iffy on it as well, maybe if I get some practice with cooking them I would feel more comfortable about making them for my mom. Also the thing with edibles is that they are slow acting, i would think she would rather have something that can ease her pain asap.
  12. Being Texas getting specific strains is not easy unless you grow, which I'm starting to get into. If all goes well and she likes this, I will probably push her to have a grow shed built or something so she can grow exactly what she wants. I could also just share my grows with her until it eventually gets legalized here
  13. Vaping is definitely a quick solution. If she likes it, there's always low dose oil to carry her throughout the day. Cannacaps is what I call them, and they aren't really that hard to make but I wouldn't put the time in until you know she doesn't jive with vaping.

    You can also try letting her smoke AVB if she doesn't like how the vape hits her. AVB is pretty high in CBD and low in THC so that might be worthwhile on her end. If you haven't tried an actual CBD extract, I would highly rec that route also. Topicals are too weak to be worthwhile from CBD alone. THC topicals are worth a try if you have access to them.
  14. Would that be legal to get in Texas though? I used CBD drip and a few other CBD e-liquids in my time in Cali/Colorado but haven't seen anything like that in shops here. Closest I can find is high hemp wraps with CBD infused In the paper, supposedly. But if I recall correctly was CBD just legalized? Or is this my hazy memory putting things in my head again?
  15. If it legalized in your state you should be able to order it...Texas law looks a little dicey but I highly doubt you're going to get a misdemeanor for ordering CBD oil from CO with no THC. I wouldn't trust any local sources when they do pop up though. I'm making the trip myself to ensure quality.

    Your AVB should be pretty high in CBD depending on what temp you set it at.
  16. Would legitimate CBD companies actually ship to Texas though?
  17. Not sure, Been hearing a lot about Greenroads so maybe see if they ship there. Personally, if taking a trip isn't out of your budget (and your mom won't contribute) I'd consider that. I'd easily go on a $200 bus ride to make sure...but if not, good luck. I have no personal experience and I'm pretty paranoid about the whole market at present outside legal states.
  18. They do ship to Texas! Awesome! Appreciate the advice! I will talk to her about vaping bud vs CBD oil. I think I will let her use my pax this weekend and see what she thinks and see if she would like to try the oil route. Do you know a good vaporizer for oils? I only have experience with my pax outside of friends vapes.
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  19. I've had success with basic pen the "Aspire K2" That's what I have right now but I've had other pen models, most of them suck. Only know of 2 really good pens and that's one of them...the other is the kanger esmart bottom loaded coil but that was 3 years ago. Bought a new one a year back and it worked fine.

    Bottom loaded coil models are what you want but preferably a glass tank and not something cheapy, I had to search around a good bit til I found a good one. They always market the junky piece of shit ones after the stop carrying the good ones and then come out with a new model and then remove it in favor of the shitty ones. Gotta be a marketing thing but it's obnoxious as hell.

    GL. It's not a thicker oil like wax so it should be safe in a pen model. Otherwise you'll have to get a concentrate pen, but that's typically for really high viscosity so I don't think you'll need it.
  20. My dad is in his 70's also and still loves to smoke but, some to the strains are just to strong and make him cough lots....any suggestions on a delivery system that will still allow him to "Smoke" but without the harsh kick of a joint/pipe/bong? He won't do the eatables.

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