Thinking about getting a Vape.

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  1. I am probably going to get the EQ Vape from Amazon. I know it is a healthier way to use cannabis. I'm just wondering, is there a better site to order from? I'm going to have it shipped to my home and I don't want it to be all that obvious of what it is. I live with fam.

    I've used my friend's EQ before. I only used it once, though. How does the taste of the cannabis differ from that of a bong? Is it a more pure, plant taste?

    Edit: I will probably be using it with the bag attachment more often than not.
  2. I absolutely love my EQ. I mainly use the whip attachment. The taste is FAR better than a bong. I have a nice ROOR thats been used once since i got my EQ a few weeks ago. It tasted like smoking a cigarette after using the vape.
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    Thanks for your post. :)

    Did you get it from a local headshop?
  4. i also love my vape its a EQ v3 love it saves so much bud blazing with it now fuck combustion
  5. I dont have the EQ, but if you are going mainly bag, i hear the herbalaire is the better option (between the HA and the eq that is) I have the herbalaire, and for a bag vape it kicks MAJOR MAJOR ass, and also as a whip vape... havent had any issued with the whip at all, but the bags mmmmm so fucking tasty hahaha. Its also only 250 from the site, free shipping
  6. Ok I've used both the HerbalA and ExtremeQ is so nice with the bags they never taste like shit i'm not sure how it does that also you can just pop in whole nugs its so nice no stirring AT ALL. So thats something to think about. It can do those little bags back to back to back to..what ? It was just awesome great machine.

    Now I get just as high using the EQ though but it still blows my mind you don't have to grind. The EQ(v4 ) is a great machine it always does what I want fast and its very customizable, easily. The mouthpeice fits a bong(high ass cant remeber size) and the bag is the same size..Imagine the possibilities. They're two different vapes extreme is more suited for big vapor hits attached to a bong although the HA gets nice hits, but definitely check out both. God I typed a monsta!:eek:

  7. how about a little rep :D for some reason im red

    i bought it from it is only 199.99 and still has the warranty. it was the cheapest place i could find that still had the warranty.
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  8. hehe rep fixed :)

  9. well thank you good sir :wave:
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    I'll rep. all the great responses once I hop on my computer. :)
  11. Rep. given. :)
  12. I'm telling you man it's worth every cent. The taste is amazing! Especially if you can obtain good weed ;) .

    Oh and yesterday I made a firecracker of 3 grams of vaped weed and I was flying :smoke: !
  13. MFLB, can't stress enough, it rocks.

  14. if you read his post you could see that he mainly wants to do bags :wave:
  15. yea the mflb is great probly the best portable vape. but if your looking for a stationary vape what can do both whip and bag i would say EQ first bcuz i own one and love it got it down perfectly and the HA is pretty dam good aswell, PD is great for saving herb but ive heard super long wait times for that unit
  16. I plan on getting an MFLB once i sell my glass. I hate smoke now, its like smoking a cigarette
  17. What does EQ stand for?
  18. Extreme Q. made be arizer
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    Yeah the wait time on EQ is great. From off(which mine rarely is) it only takes 5 min to heat up with fan 3 on for two of them. Then like a min or two with the elbow for the bag on the cyclone bowl which is attached to the element, heating up basically. Then its good to blow a bag in 2-3 minutes. You'd be using higher temps than if you already had it on for time purposes but its just an example, just gotta play around with it.

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