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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by dr dre, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. if i have a gibson sg standard and i like that what others kinds of guitars would i like? i would be more specific but im really high rite now
  2. Depends on your cash situation. If you've already got a Gibson, I'll assume price isn't too much of a factor.

    I'd go for the PRS Mira in the orange finish. It's got humbuckers and a mahogany body just like an SG. It's also got a coil tap to turn the 'buckers into single coils.

  3. If you have an SG, go for a Les Paul. I have an Epi because I can't afford a Gibson, but it sounds just as great. Beautiful body, great hollow body tone. I love my lady Elizabeth.
  4. I don't know if you like Ibanez or not but you should definitly try to go for a JS1000. It's the Joe Satriani signature. Pretty nice guitar.

  5. If your wanting to play some metal definately get an Ibanez, or a Dean, but if you go with a Dean make sure you're willing to spend a lot of money. You have to to get a good dean.
  6. Do a search on Dillion guitars. very reasonably priced and something for everyone. I currently have about 15 guitars, I have owned all kinds. Dillion is making great guitars without gouging the consumer. A lot of working musicians are hip to Dillion guitars but the average consumer buys the name on the headstock instead of the playabilty & quality of the instrument.

    nevermind searching go here:
  7. where are the fender recomendations? if youre not going to get a balling, and i mean balling les paul, id reccomend a fender telecaster. the american series are quite nice, but a mexican one for 400 bucks will do you almost as good. achieves a lot of variety of sound and is quite different from an sg. i do LOVE my telecaster personally. i like strats, but i really love the tele.

    im also a fan of hollowbodies and semihollow's. so gibson and gretsch both make some realllly sweet hollowbodies. just dont get the bottom of the barrell gretsch's. you need to spend a few bucks with them.

    but i still say tele!
  8. watup dre?

    you got an sg, so what you are gonna look for is a guitar that can fill in the holes of tonality that the sg doesnt.
    this would mean a bigger body guitar, an acoustic guitar, a semi or full hollow body.

    also remember, brand name only means a little for guitars. yes, gibsons are well made, but the important thing is craftsmanship, WOOD TYPE, and PICKUPS and hardware. that's what you're gonna be looking for.

    you can get a custom made a

    if you are just cranking on a distortion pedal and rocking, then your sg is gonna be fine.

    and believe me, gibson is not the best guitar company...they are just like...the Ford of electrics.

    as far as brand names, i've never heard a guitar as sweet, smooth, full and tons of natural reverb as a rickenbacker.

    if you are metal/hardcore/speed metal guy, your sg will work but you can check out jacksons, ibanez, fernandes, LTD (esp), most washburns, bc rich....tons more

    all around guitars are gonna be your gibsons, fenders, prs, dean,

    remember, the wood and pickups (and your personally ability level) have the most to do with your sound, not the name on the headstock.

    good luck to ya brotha, ask me anytime about them guitars, thats what i do!

  9. i agree, rickenbacker is a great suggestion. i love them, but quite the price tag.

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