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  1. Sooo i'm thinking of getting a ferret, i have plenty of space, i have a dog, he's a sweet heart and wouldn't hurt it, kinda worried about the ferret hurting him :p

    Does anyone else have any experience with ferrets ?

    Kinda need to know what's the best thing to feed it, i was thinking raw chicken ??

  2. The Ferret Owners Manual

    If you do get one, I suggest going through a local breeder instead of a pet store.

    I don't have one, but I know somebody who does. Hope that helps.
  3. they smell want an iguana

    [ame=]Godzilla attacking japan Funny!!! - YouTube[/ame]

  4. Awesome, i will give that a read, and is there any reason why i should go through a local breeder, i was actually going to do that anyway, is there like health risks of buying from pet stores :confused:

  5. Iguanas by nature HATE woman :eek: seriously, hate em so that wouldn't go down to well with the other half :D i had a Iguana once. :smoke: great pets.
  6. Arent ferrets illegal?

    my friend had one and it ran away !! :( ..there pretty cool though. he was really playful and like to wrestle and such.
  7. I've owned four ferrets. First thing, if you buy from a pet store, look for two small tattoos on their ear. That means they're from Marshall Farms, one of the best ferret farms. You have to play with them at least four hours a day. Teach them early not to bite. They can be litter trained but will not always make it to the box. They have to eat every two hours. I suggest kibble for ease and money but raw chicken is good too, but frozen chicks are better. The ferret will eat the beak an bones and it's very good for them.

    Good luck. They're hard to take care of but I think worth the effort.

  8. There Illegal in a few states in the US, i live in the UK and there legal here.

    Well, i feed my dog defrosted chicken legs and stuff, could i just defrost one and give it to him :confused: are you SURE he will eat the bone, from what i have seen ferrets have very sharp long fangs and fairly fragile looking back teeth, the bones are like a inch thick.

    I'm sure adults could, but i'm getting him from a oung age, maybe 12 weeks, what would be the best food to feed him at that age, and what is kibble.

    There is special ferret food, is that actually any good :confused:
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    I typically recommend local breeders over pet stores when purchasing live animals. In most cases buying from the breeder will provide you with a direct link to sustained aftercare, as well as saving you money. In some cases the breeder will also let you meet the animal’s parents.

    IMO, pet stores (especially chain pet stores) are notorious for unknown animal stock. And they do treat them as ‘stock.’ This may include everything from health issues, selling wild-caught animals as captive bred, and mix-breeds as pure. Most private breeders you will meet really care about the animals, since they raised them from birth.

    I don't mean to suggest that all pet stores are bad, of course. But IMO the good ones are few and far between. I feel that the opposite is true of private breeders; more good than bad.

    I would also suggest getting in contact with any local ferret organizations. They can direct you to breeders in your area, or any local shows that might be coming up. You can meet people from the community and perhaps have a chance to interact with their animals before getting one of your own.

    Nothing beats speaking to a person who has a passion for the animal.

    Here are a couple ferret specific forums I Googled. The second is in the UK. Forum
    Ferrets Forum

    Hope that helps! :)
  10. i got a rat once , it bit me and drew blood so i got rid of her , i wonder what heffer is up to now

  11. Great minds think alike :D that's why i was thinking of going for a small breeder, also how much does it cost to have his "man bits" removed :eek:
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    I looked after my best friends ferret for a couple months he was awesome to have around, they do smell a bit but it never bothered me. But I still love the thing see him all the time, he likes to have a toke or two aha.

    --Getting animals high is against our rules--

  13. You should never give an animal weed, or make them smoke anything, it seriously destroys there lungs. If he smoked there goes 3 years of his life :eek: your probably just kidding though ;)

  14. I'm guessing no more than it would cost for a cat.

    I've heard that you can also have them “de-musked” so they don't smell. The scent is produced from glands that can be removed. That would be an additional fee.

    As you will read in the manual, they also require shots like a dog or a cat.

    If you buy from a private breeder the animal may have already had its first shots, and the de-musking. You would have to ask.

  15. Cool man, and the "de-musking" this, well i looked into it, apparently it's a very horrible precedure painful and most vets refuse to do it. I think i can live with the smell, hopefully :D

    So how much would getting there man bits removed and getting them vacinated cost, i heard vacination isn't needed, my dog isn't vacinated and he's fine :confused:
  16. Please weigh pros and cons.

    I've had a silver ferret.

    For me:
    Pro: cute

    Cons: everything about em.

    Be prepared to lose important keys, wallets random shiny noisy rubbery objects.
    Be prepared to hide ALL wires and cables.
    Smell. I dunno, they're related to skunks.

  17. I heard they steel :D
  18. Well i have been given a ferret called Jeremy as a present before, and from my personal experience i'd say about 40 minutes in the oven should do the trick, seasoned with plenty of pepper and served with gravy, can be a little bit dry..

  19. A cat is £30 - £75, so I guess around that. It most likely varies by location.

    I suggest you speak to the vet about costs related to vaccination. I think ferrets are more prone to certain illnesses, which is why it is recommended. This is covered in the manual I linked to earlier. Hope this helps. :)

    The classic 'mask' pattern:
  20. Yeah, I wouldn't worry about de-musking.. Even if you do that, they still secrete that smelly oil from their skin. Getting his balls snipped will take a lot of that smell away by reducing the oil released from his pores. Probably use Dawn to give him a bath here and there. As for the glands, they make use of that when threatened or sometimes when they play too rough.

    They do love to steal shit.. I always thought it was hilarious. I would hide stuff you don't want to have broken by being pushed off the table or ledge til you get to know his playing habits. We had one get up where my grandma kept her china and just pushed all the shit off, lol.

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