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Discussion in 'General' started by SmokeyDaMan, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. Hey just became a member of this fine forum:D Because I am going to be useing DXM for the first time very soon. I have exstracted my DXM from Robitussin DX (the hardest to find cough syrup in da world). I have been reading peoples posts and some have mentioned there stats and all that have, have been small. Since I am doseing for the first time Id like to now how much would you use if you were 6'4 and 105 kilos wich is I think about 230pounds. Also the reason I have turned to DXM is because it is now impossible to get real LSD in Sydney, so have a bit of histroy in halucenagens. Anyones thoughts on this would be very helpful thanks. Also I read in 1 of these forums never to take coricidins, that they have symptoms close to or includeing death.

  2. haha yea that would be me, and i felt like death...... and then... i did die... and then, i came back to life haha, literally, my heart stopped in the hospital n i got defibulated back

    man it was crazy

    not as crazy as the time i took 160 robo gels and 16 coricidins though.... that was just all out insane (it was over a 16 hour period, took 80 robo's, then 80 robo's 12 hours later, then 16 coricidins the 16th hour)

    ended up fallin to the ground on the side of the road and having a seizure, but i survived


    Scroll down until you find the table, with the different plateaus...that should be a very accurate guide for you to figure out your dosage. A big guy like you should need quite a bit.

    and btw, kudos on having the brains/balls to do an extraction...i'll never understand why people gulp down that nasty fucking syrup when you can just do an extraction or take perfectly safe cough gels (NOT CCC'S).

    And just one more side note...your trip probably wont be anything like a good LSD trip, but if you get into 3rd plateau you'll be impressed.
  4. nah man do don't CCCs they bad for Zicam cough max its only half of a shot, and got about 400mg of dxm...take about 2 to get real good...3 if you want an insane one... :hippie:

    also if you are doing zicam cough max, then have a warhead ready, take the shot, pop in warhead...bam it eliminates that nasty ass taste, and it kills that lingering taste also...and I also found that when you do the warhead, it helps an assload for nausia...:D

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