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Discussion in 'General' started by SmokeyDaMan, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. Well lately weed been scarce around here. I've been thinking of trying out DXM... Anyone else ever did it? Since it would the first time should I take like 4 30 DXM MG per pill of Coricidin? I dont really want to take cough syrup. I tried extracting the DXM with the cold water method but ended up with like 1/4 what I started, it like either clumped up or some of it got caught in the filter and I cant get it out... Well any open opinions... P.S, I was thinking on taking like 4 pills before a dance I'm going to tomorrow, shoud make it fun...
  2. i hear drinking syrup is a lot cleaner of a high than cccs, and its a lot better for you.. 4 probably wont kill you or anything, but 120mg of dxm is only like 1 quick gulp of max strength cough anyways.. if you plug your nose and have a chaser you wont even taste it

    i read that some kid who was allergic to the antihistamine in coricidins went into a fucking coma after popping FIVE :( coricidins are kind of like russian roulette, except the odds are a bit more in your favor..

    but hey, do what you like.. 120mgs should be more of a fun buzz, not some insane reality-shattering rollercoaster (like my 750mg trip tonight is going to be).. music will sound better and you might get a couple hints of visuals.. maybe a BIT more intense than a bowl or 2 of some killer weed
  3. Do you gulp down the Cough Syrup. See I read about these on the net, and then I found some CC&C that my mom uses for her heart. I mean if the Rec. dose is 2 pills, I think.... 4 -5 cant hurt...
  4. i extract pure powder from syrup and cap it.. but i figured you wouldnt want to go through the trouble just for a 1st plateau trip

    my first trip was like 100mg of dex and i gulped the syrup then.. i did alright and it was fun as hell, although i know id feel ghetto as fuck if i had drank 250 friggin ml of cough syrup just now instead of using powder :)
  5. phunkyphil - Grasscity's Resident DXM Guru
  6. Well I tripped. I tripped and im tripping. I tyook 4 pills around 8 15 and took an hour for effects yto kick up. then i felt like i was walking on air, and icould barely hear myself talking, but i guess i was talking really loud, and i was open and talking to all thes girls. I feel like kind of a marijuana Indica high... Like im there but not.... man..........uhh.......but my friend, he weighs like 110 pounds got fucked up. he was just sitting there qwith his eyes open and shut the whole time. all these girls were dragging him around and dacing with him and he didnt even know. He depantsed me in the front of like 5 people, but whoat the fuck i didt care because i was messed up and was like "You all seen my dick hahahah". lOL my friend just msn'ed me and told me her friend seen my"package". Maybe i should ask her if she wants to play with it lol.
  7. i did 16 CCC's once... felt like i was struggling to survive. then i puked and felt A LOT better... i was wrecked out of my head. one of the blades here at the forum did 32... i could only imagine what that must feel like, lol.

    a warning though... dxm tripping is really, really bad for you... i don't recommend doing it often (i stopped when i found out about the negative affects).

  8. what makes you think that? dextromethorphan is probably about as bad for you as achohol.. and usually less addictive
  9. How bad for you is it bro?
  10. well. . . im a YFFF and ive doen dxm twice now. Its a hardcore drug to me. My first tiem i popped down 8 C C&C,and same with the second time. Yea what does DXM do to you? If i shoudl quit i better quit early.
  11. read the fucking dxm faq man.. dont be a dumbass and do shit if you dont even know what the effects are.. i could lie to you or forget about something and you would DIE

  12. phunkyphil - Grasscity's Resident DXM inducer also. jejeje

    he woke my curiosity on the subject, checked some pages and looks like fun, worth to try.

    Hail Phunkyphill!! hehehehe
  13. ^^ dont know what to think about that :)

    be careful kids.. dont do drugs!
  14. I keep it herbal, man. Sometimes I'll drink, but that's only when herb is dry.
  15. don´t get me wrong guys.

    I actually almost quit drinkin´ and tobabco, for weed.

    I just think it is worth to give it a try, and won´t do it alone.

    i surfed some pages made by actual doctors, sayin g how dangerous this is, if uncontroled.

  16. i was referring to drinking the cough syrup or taking the coricidins... a friend of mine knows this pharmasist (sp?)... he's always telling me about how horrible coricidins are for your body... i'm not sure about extracted dxm though... your best bet would be to do pleanty of research before trying it...

    just a note, there was a guy who died from taking just 4 coricidins. he took 'em before school and was dead by second period. he was allergic to the antihystamene (sp?) in the pills.
  17. can you be allergic to antihystamines? i thought antihystamines blocked allergies.
  18. yeah... i thought the same thing at first. antihystamines are kinda symptome specific... say you take one for pollen or whatever... that's all it's going to block is the hystamines that trigger your allergic reaction to pollen.... there are people who are allergic to benadryl as well.
  19. if youre gonna chug it... research it at erowid. i know robitussin maximum strength is easy to find...

    i'd say try it once then quit. dxm is a very lonely drug.
  20. elabrahamql.. some advice:

    dont do more than 300mg, and smoke weed with it

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