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  1. So the guy at the store introduced me to DWC growing I am very interested I just started growing with soil Just became legal in MA. So I was thinking about growing in a room but having a tent to veg and the room to flower the strain I am using is Bomb takes 50 days to flower is what the web site states. So my question is while I'm flowering I wanted to veg in the tent so i have them ready to go when the flowering is complete so no down time. Can I Veg for 50 days? I here people only vegging as little as a few weeks I haven't read anyone over 4 weeks and people saying they they'll get to big over a month? I figured 50 days veg would be nice big plants with a nice yield? Any advice would be appreciated trying to buy everything ASAP so trying to nail down what to get. Bomb strain is suppose to be high yielding according to people and the website any estimates on how much each plant would yield if i Veeged 50 days under 1000w? Thank you
  2. Vegging for 50 days would mean the plants would be huge. What most people do when they have veg and flower areas is to have the flower area twice the size of the veg area. So essentially you have two flower areas and one veg area. Veg for a month and flower for two months. That way half of the flower area is ready for harvest every month

    If you fully separate the two flower areas and light proof them, you can alternate them having the lights on so its easier on the wiring. One is light while the other is dark

    Vegging for two months can be done but the plants will be massive by then and you wouldn't be making the best use of the space and time
  3. First thank you for response. So if they are huge I wouldn't yield more? Im new if its stupid question please don't mind me I just figured the bigger the better. If I vegged for a month under 1000k Bomb is the strain which by what people say high yielding how much do you think I would yield? with soil people have always said the longer you Veg the more you get thats why I am asking. Im just trying to figure out which way to go for yield and time. I don't mind time as in work Im home taken care of a sick parent with ALzhiemrs I mean time as in faster the yield the happier I am
  4. It's definitely not a stupid question, if there is such a thing. A one clone ScrOG in DWC can fill a 4x4' area in 4 weeks. I have done this myself. In 6 or 7 weeks I think most growers will have filled that area. How big do you want them to be when you move them to the flowering area? Big plants give big yields but you have to have fewer plants in order to fit them in the same space.

    Having two flowering areas and one vegging area is the fastest and most efficient way of churning out the harvest as fast as possible be plants generally take twice as long to flower as they do to veg. However, you can have one veg and one flower area of the same size. That's what I have. My vegging tent is usually only half full with vegging plants though. I use the rest of the space for growing autos

    A 1kW HPS can produce 2 pounds in the right hands, although I think 1 pound is a more sensible goal for a beginner. For people on their first run I'd encourage them not to think about the yield too much and just see it as a bonus. Concentrate on not killing the plants first
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  5. Thanks again.. And I know the yield question is always a beginners question I just don't want to get to deep financially into the wrong product knowing yield will be the number 1 concern eventually. So 4x4 area with 1000kw as a beginner should be around 1lb your estimating? I might use two of these lights Any opinion on these and thanks you have been the best so far for advice i just don't want to blow a ton on the wrong stuff
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  6. That light is very expensive, is it dimmable? I'd recommend a dimmable ballast just in case you struggle with heat and can switch it down a few hundred watts.

    A 1kW HPS in a 4x4' is a good match as long as you have a really good exhaust fan. 600w HPS is probably more common, especially if you don't have the height for the 1kW. But more watts = more light = more growth.

    Yeah a pound would be a fair expectation
  7. I heard they are better on electricity the said the are equal to 600 kw a piece so that would be 1200 they produce less heat and would save me half on electricity if they both were 1000kw since it is 200kw Im getting more and still saving monthly they said in a year definitely pay for them selves but result wise would it be the same at least if not better ? would you know Thanks and sorry for the questions you have been very helpful I don't trust sales people 100% lol
  8. I thoroughly recommend you stop talking to these people. They are talking 100% bullshit
  9. SO you don't recommend getting 2 of those lights over a 1000kw HPS? The results would be less ? or is it cost? Sorry for the questions just picking everyone brain for knowledge and it seems you have it, unbiased knowledge
  10. There's no need to apologise for questions. I don't know if those lights are any good or not but I can guarantee they cannot produce twice the light from the same amount of watts of electricity used. It's just not possible. HPS bulbs vary in efficiency by 1 or 2% and a good ballast may use maybe 5 watts less than a cheap one. But what they are saying is absolute nonsense. And if they are willing to bullshit you on that, then nothing they say has any credibility
  11. What country are you in? I'll have a look for a good deal on a light for you if you want
  12. I am in USA.....So they said almost 50% savings on equal KW lights. They said close to LED savings.. Thanks if you know places that would be great
  13. One HPS having 50% efficiency compared to another HPS is just not going to happen.

    I can check out the US versions of ebay and Amazon. Which would you prefer?
  14. Ebay id prefer because i use it all the time I only used amazon once but either would work thanks!
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  15. Oh wow that is cheap.. I heard to watch out for cheap china made products especially LED. I was originally looking LED but the price is insane. I have found cheap tents on eBay would know if it matters what tent you use they want like 375 for 8x4 Gorilla tent i think.. Ebay like 110 I've seen but i don't know the quality of them od you think it matters ?
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  16. There's nothing wrong with Chinese electronics. Chances are even if you bought a locally constructed unit, all of the components will be made in China anyway. If you want to buy an LED check out MarsHydro, they have the best customer service I have ever experienced in any company. Their lights are bargains too. They recently gave me one of these to review


    And honestly I'm so impressed with it. It costs a lot more than an HID of course, but it's still a very low cost LED

    Yeah the quality of tents matter, but in my experience the price doesn't. I bought my two tents for £50 each and they are perfect. I have used tents which costs triple that and they are no better, just different. A few advantages and a few disadvantages. But a huge difference in price

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