Thinking about chopping in 3 days

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  1. Hey all was thinking about chopping my white rhino this weekend just getting some more opinions :)

    It still has some white pistils that shot out late but I'd say 50% have receded into the bud leaving about 25/25% brown / fresh pistils

    I cant get a decent shot of close up trichomes but from what I can get i see mostly clear or cloudy and the few amber.

    Do you think she will be fine to pull in a few more days?

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  2. Bummmp....

    T-minus 2 days now :)
  3. I'd say if you really want to go for it that's kinda what my white berries look like when they're done. Most of mine have mostly red hairs with maybe 15-25% still white. So it could definately be within the harvest window but without seeing the buds in person it's always harder to tell.
  4. thanks mate its in the 7th week so if i chop saturday she will be a couple of days short of 8 weeks but i think she will be looking preety ready by then.

    also being 90% indica i wouldnt mind harvestin a tad early so its not a complete couchlcok :)

    any other opinions?
  5. yeh sounds right....
  6. I see lotsa hairs; why are you set on chopping now?
    How are the trich's? It looks close, but not quite.
    Some plants can change from "nearly finished" to "OMG DONE" in 1 cycle. Just watch her/them closely. I'd really just scope trich's out to find your ideal high; with clears, I'd wait.
  7. Thanks mate yeah Ill just see how she goes there are a fair few sticking out but there were probly twice as more a few days ago so I think she is in her dying days :)

    I'll try get a better pic of trichs once the lights are on
  8. Harvest pics please :smoke:

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