Thinking about buying this Sweet Rasta Bong $299

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    Let me know what you guys think its $299

    Its got 2 ashcatcher attachments, and a beastly perc, ice catcher also
  2. hell ya man looks pretty nice, id buy it for 300 if i had the money. does it have/what is the brand? and is it pretty thick glass?
  3. Let me start this out by informing you that that is a really shitty pic. But put that aside, the bong is pretty sick but to tell you the truth I think you should just throw down and get a sick roor or somethuing if you are willing to throw down 300 dollars you know? Come to beaverton and you can get a roor for 219 at the hotbox. I dont know im drunk so Im probly retarted so dont take my advice haha. but really take it:hello:
  4. Its not branded or anything, its realllly thick glass, and pretty high end.
  5. I know the pic is shitty haha just deal with it I guess
  6. haha i will deal with it

    but that perc looks fucking badass and I didnt realize that it has an icecatch/ashcatcher... aka you wont need to upgrade the roor so yeah dude i think you should get that bong for sure
  7. haha yea i know its got the two ashcatchers and a manly perc
  8. It come with a diffused downstem?
  9. the ashcatchers are stacked...that makes me think the headshop people don't know much about glass, so it might not be that great quality...could be totally off though

    if its a solid piece, then that's a good pick up

    nvm that's a one piece ac attached, thats not abnormal, right
  10. two a/c's on a tube that big (looks like a very wide base and pretty tall) is going to add a decent amount of drag, and the volume you gain isn't that much and isn't necessary. perc arms are too short for my taste and look awkward. i think you can do better for 300 but i it's difficult to say from that picture. i can't tell the thickness, and the joint welds on other tubes in tht pic look pretty poor. if the tube has a similar one i wouldn't be a fan of that.
  11. haggle it the best you can, seems like people think it may be worth 300...if it's less than 300 then why not?
  12. Yeah I'd buy that shit for sure... Like the post above says though, try to haggle them cause for 250 or somethin, who could complain?
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    I would not buy that for 300 dollars. Could be american blown, but the perc looks chinese. Not that it would matter too much, but at that price I expect much more.

    Of course I can't tell from just that picture, but the bottom looks like it thins out, be careful of that. Overall, for 300 dollars you can buy a 8 arm mini toro, or a streight tube roor, or something of better quality. Look around more and weigh your options. I honestly would not pay that much for it.

    Edit: And stacked ashcatchers? They have no diffusers on the downstems, it will cause a lot of drag, it would be hard to clear the first one unless you one hit it, and the bottom one looks like splash over heaven. It overall looks like the headshop is trying to make a cheap bong LOOK expensive adding all those extra's it doesn't need. Just my opinion on that though.

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