Thinking About Buying a Used Kayak, HELP!!

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by SplitOff, May 29, 2011.

  1. Have done a little kayaking in my life, not much, and was thinking about actually buying one so I can go out on the river once a week. Don't want to spend big money on one, but found a decent deal on craigslist. The thing is $250, 10 ft, comes with a vest and a paddle dry skirt (I have no idea what this is by the way haha). He listed this picture, but not the name. Anyone know if this would be a good deal or not?


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  2. No way big rip off
    Do you want a flatwater kayak or a whitewater boat??
  3. Honestly I dont really care. I'm not going to start off in the whitewater, but I'd like to be able to handle some small ripples if they come my way though. Thats why I was thinking just a decent white water used kayak that doesn't cost too much. But that one I showed you looks pretty old, and to be honest I really have no idea what it is worth. Thanks for the info
  4. haha. Well Any touring/recreation boat can handle up to class II Whitewater.... (haha I've taken my parents 14 foot touring boats through class IV once) I would recommend something like that. If you are planning on mainly using it on flatwater, a touring or rec. boat will be a whole lot more efficient and smooth than a whitewater boat.

    look for a plastic boat around 10-13 feet. most of them used will be around 400-600$ You don't need a spray skirt but you can if you want(keeps you warmer and dryer)
  5. The river near me is rated as anywhere from a II - V, with a lot of flat water in-between in that river. But mostly I'd start off with some flat water maybe getting into a few small white water parts. It's a pretty long river, maybe 15-20miles. I was defiantly thinking of something around 10-12ft, any kayak's you'd recommend me looking at? If I could find a new one from 300-400 I'd defiantly be willing to pay that, if not I'm just going to look for a used one.

    Thanks again.
  6. for anything under about 500 you are going to need to buy used... I don't know a low about flatwater boats but look for anything by like wilderness systems, current designs, native, necky... all good companies
    also Mountainbuzz has a good swap that usually has some flatwater boats go through it... Mainly Whitewater kayak oriented though...
  7. Looks like a good choice for what ya want. Good luck man!
  8. i prefer ocean kayaks. i have 1 ocean and 2...not ocean. by ocean i mean there is nothing covering your body at all. its faster everywhere i go, ocean or not, no bugs get in it (im by a pond) and no nasty water leftover. no whitewater round here so i cant help ya there, but that one looks prettyyy

  9. well ill tell ya if your going to bring that into a big lake you will have trouble. When its that short and wide they test to be more crafty of a boat. It will most likely not keep a straight line at all, which isnt a problem at first but lemme tell ya you will be soar as hell. but if your looking for good white water boats i wouldnt buy used. they tend to have alot of wear and tear in them. I have a dagger 12 foot and it works well paddling both into the current and with the current.
  10. Why not a canoe?

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