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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Kimvia, May 17, 2010.

  1. Hey guys!
    Seeing all the resin and nasty shit that is in my bong after cleaning it made me worry about what I'm putting in my lungs, so I want to start using a vaporizer instead of smoking herb... For cost reasons I want to build one (according to my boyfriend for pretty cheap you can build your own vape that works as well as something you'd buy for several hundred dollars). Have any of y'all tried making one? How did it work? what plans did you use? do you have pictures?

    Thanks GC :bongin:
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  3. I built a vape out of a light bulb. You can find instructions on youtube. It works fairly well considering how crude it is. It helps me save alot of bud
  4. if you have enough money to buy can buy a vaporizer..just set up a budget..or just stop buying bud and save up for a vaporizer..

    vapor genie is 55.
    launchbox is 80-99(if u get a coupon)
    dbv..vb..purple days are all in the 150 and up.

    dont build an elaborate vaporizer and hurt urself.
  5. ...that guy who suggested the hakko wand has a pretty good idea, if you choose to go the home-made route, but honestly, i'd save up a bill and get yourself a MFLB!!!
  6. Thanks for the help y'all :)
    I think I'll probably just save up some money and buy one... Don't wanna fuck it up, and projects like this can have a tendency of costing way more than originally planned, lol.

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