Thinking About Being A Tramp

Discussion in 'General' started by squat, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Or whatever you call it.
    I think it's stupid that people should have to conform to society and live the way society say they should live. I'm thinking about saving up money and just leaving home and wandering the country/world/wherever I end up. I'd probably get a good frame backpack with some clothes and a tent, money in the bank, a guitar, and that's about it haha. Just wander the country, play music at clubs and bars around the country for extra money, and just live. Maybe I won't do it forever, maybe I will. I'm not sure. But I do know I can't keep doing this normal life, it's too boring.
    What do y'all think? Sorta like train hopping or catching rides on craigslist, but I guess doing whatever. The joy of being able to do literally doing whatever you want is what I'm after
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  2. Lol dude, I completely get what you mean about conforming to society and all that shit but going from that to deciding to become a tramp is a massive step. Why don't you take a gap year or something?
  3. i was actually thinking of doing this... just walking the country and shit and bringing my fingerpickin guitar. but i cant. too much going on.
  4. I have nothing going on really. I turn 19 in a week, I'm a cook at outback, and I dunno what I wanna do with my life as far as college goes. Probably something with strength training though. But I know eventually ill probably end up in the navy just like all of my family. But I'm waiting till I'm 24-25 to join. So I figure why not just leave and discover myself alone? I have zero tie downs where I'm at, other than a job.
  5. It also seems as though carrying a guitar and a frame pack could be a lot to lug around lol. But the guitar is non optional so I gotta figure out a way around that if I go.
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  6. Actually, being a busker would be a better word. Fuck tramp, busking is more what I was aiming at.
  7. I'll be turning 20 and I only work at Panera and homedepot so I know where you're coming from.
  8. Sounds like teen angst hippie mumbo jumbo.
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  9. If you're serious, check out this site:

    Basically, you join the site and other members will let you sleep on their couch for a night in exchange for good stories and company.
  10. I'm not scared or running away from my future if that's what you're implying. I just do not like that my entire life, people are trying to choose my for me or tell me I should be this way or that. I just wanna live and enjoy life.
  11. Yeah man, I've thought about doing this if I fail at uni and end up in a shitty job... but then again, I'll probably walk to the next city and big like "I'm so tired of walking I wanna rest..." and end up going back to my shitty job... but turning full Jules Winnfield and walking the Earth or something would be pretty  awesome if you were up for the task.
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  12. Thanks for the couch surfing website, I'll check that out if I ever go through with this.
  13. Hell yeah, and the rewards are tremendous!! I have read books on these exact subject (Art Garfunkle did it too!). They all say that the real america is in these small towns in the country. Real down to Earth hospitalble people. They invite you in for dinner and a bed for the night. Be careful, dont get hurt or robbed. Have fun! Take pics and write a book about it
  14. I'll definitely have a camera and keep a journal or something. I figure normal life will be waiting when I decide I wanna go back.
  15. And haha they wouldn't have much to rob me of. That'd be fucked if they took my tent and guitar though.

    Watch this before you go
  17. I think about doing porn but I dont think that I could proverbially get it up on camera.

    Wait. You mean a different kind of tramp.
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  18. Cool video, thanks for sharing. It makes me wanna hop on trains haha. It'd suck to end up in jail over it though.
  19. You should really do porn
  20. Nah.

    Anyway, OP. I think it's a cool idea. Eventually everyone has to get a 'real job' and get serious so before you have to do that, have fun! And don't just have fun, do something that's totally life altering. You'd have enough stories to hold you over when you're old and boring.

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