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  1. Recently ive been wanting to travel somewhere and do something totally different. Im almost 20 and ive been working 40+ hours a week for the last 2 years. Strait out of highschool i was working fulltime. Never really traveled anywhere too great. A couple of cities and thats it. Im sick of my job and this place is bringing me down. So i gotta go somewhere or do something.

    So ive saved a few grand up and i wanna see the world. I wanna bum around europe for a while and just enjoy life.

    So my question is, anyone ever done it? How'd it go? Any tips?

  2. The movie Hostel is a loose adaptation of my own personal experience in Europe. They randomly threw in all the sex for good measure.
  3. dude i would totally do this in the future if i have the funds i plan on it it would be soo badass too check out europe ive never been there either but i hear its awesome
  4. If you have any cheap-travel questions, please PM me...
  5. i was seriously thinking about backpacking also within the next few years or so. i need to get a god damn job, start saving. my best friend is moving to colombia next year and gunna live at his grandparents place thats in the center of Bogota. and i've already been invited to stay for a few months if i wanted to. so i wouldn't mind savin up a bunch and goin there, stayin with him, and maybe backpack my way up through central america and mexico.

    if this doesn't end up goin through, then for sure i'm going to have to go backpacking sometime soon in my future. it's a for me to do at least once in my lifetime..
  6. i did it a couple summers back with some friends and had an amazing time man. met some mad chill people and everything, still keep in touch with a few of them.

    the thing we realized though after we got back home was that if we would have better planned out exactly where we were going it would have been a bit cheaper to book flights to each country to country ahead of time than it was to buy the eurail pass, but the trains were pretty dope. had some fun on them and met some chill people on them too.

    if u got any questions or want any advice or anything about shit to do or places to go it me up with a pm or something and i will give u the aim name im usually on or just talk with u over pm's

  7. I'm flying to Barcelona, Spain with 2 buddies in March. Buy your plane tickets far ahead of time, it's alot cheaper. I'll be backpacking, but only in Spain, Portugal, and Germany. The other European countries just don't interest me all that much.
  8. You should do it.

    I've been to England, in the countryside and in London, and it was tight.
    The country-side is way different than it is here. Its so beautiful though. I'd imagine a lot of other western Europe is cool too. Like Switzerland or Italy.
    I wouldnt go to eastern Europe though.
  9. That might be a life changing experience, i say do it :smoke:

    I personally have been to Europe, specifically Germany, but i can tell you i absolutely loved soon as i got there i wanted to live there

    Probably because i haven't traveled alot ever in my life but it just struck such a nerve in my head
  10. Fuck Europe. Going to westernized countries is not my idea of traveling overseas and experiencing something new... Go to Thailand (Bangkok, Rayong) then head southeast to Indonesia (maybe Bali) then further down to New Guinea. Southeast Asia is one of damn coolest places on Earth. If not Southeast Asia then Africa across the Serengeti. A friend of mine went to Africa for a 15 day trip acorss like 5 different countries.. he said it blew his mind away and was the best trip hes ever taken. Just my 2 cents..
  11. ^^ naw man i was thinkin that but idk, im kinda a real tall white irish american dude so id be a obvious target for trouble.

    I think ill fit in better in Europe. Plus i really wanna see Germandy and the Neatherlands and traveling though Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Switzerland would be pretty dope. Plus they have trains goin from city to city in Europe for relitivly cheap

    Oh and thanks to all those who offered advise/help though PM/aim. Dont think im ignoring you cause ill probally still hit you up sometime later on. Thanks a ton though. Really appreciated
  12. from my past readings,, i'd say heinous,, knows his stuff,, on traveling,!!!

    my advice would be to stay on the left coastline of europe.. ireland, scotland, england,holland,switzerland,,

    basically the countries that hug the coastline,,,, '''' you'll find the deeper you go into the '' belly of europe'' you may not be liked much,,,, and maybe killed,,

    some turks, and hungarians, that have migrated and live all over europe.... are some mean mo-fo's.. that will stab you quick !!!!!

    ive fought/ and ran from these jokers,,, when i was in germany, in the army,,,,, they didnt suggest you go out to ''big towns'' alone....

    caution, is what im saying,,,,,

    but the coastline, would be cool.... id love to get it on with, a white haired blonde from switzerland,,,,,, shit dont even get me there.....:p

  13. Fair enough. Thought I would just share my opinion. Either way.. Europe, Southeast Asia or will have a life changing experience and a damn good time that you will never forget. So check this out dude. This kid just graduated with me at UF.. I saw him out at the bars around town now-and-then and we shoot the shit a couple of times about random stuff. He was a journalism major. So he and his buddy went to Europe for 18 days on a whimb after graduation, backpacking. He does freelance stuff and his article/journal that he created about his journey in Europe made the front page of the Travel section for our big newspaper in South Florida (The Palm Beach Post). The artice is definitely worth reading as he is a young kid like you and me and was traveling cheap and he wrties about a lot of cool stuff and gives a lot of tips to travelers. They literally just hopped on planes, trains, taxis and ferries with no set in stone plans and had a killer time. They went all over Europe for less than $3k. You should give it a read if you have got time. Here is the link to the article

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