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Discussion in 'General' started by Trouble, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. I think alot about somethin almost everybody is scared of
    I try and try but dont see why people fear the inevitable death
    comes to us all old,young,smart,stupid, or what ever the case may be you cant avoid it you cant stop it and you cant run from it yet people are still scared when it comes to standing face to face with the reaper himself I've never feared death I know and understand I'm gonna die I've excepted that fact and I know wear I'm goin when my time comes.
    the way I see shit if it happens it happens enjoy life while you can cause if you dont enjoy the time you have left then maby the reaper will come a callin on you maby he will make your soul pay its last tole and take you away
    Cherish what you have cause before you know it its gone

  2. Sage words my friend.

    Life is a gift. A very fleeting one. Enjoy.
  3. I don't worry to much about death till some one knows they haven't much time left. If I knew i was going to be gone in a short while I would go nuts!
  4. yeah i dont get it either.

    even if people are afraid though, they'll never have to face their fear, cuz the second they are dead, then, well theyll be dead, so they wont they are dead... if you get what i mean.

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