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  1. What are some good sites that sell seeds really cheap(that ships to the U.S.)? Also im growing indoors and i need to know how to make a grow box? also the materials i need to have to grow in a grow box
  2. attitudes is a well known reputable seed bank that sells seeds for many different breeders. because there are different breeders prices vary. some are known for cheaper prices. I am not sure which I think both Mandala and Nirvana.
    Alot of factors go into your grow box. Check the DiYs in the other section on this forum.
    Lights are very important. Read alot of the newbie grower sections.
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    I would recommend checking out rumpleforskins dwc setup and as far as a grow box you can do one of two things buy a tent or if funds are limited make one out of a dresser like I did my first grow. Check out my first grow journal and u can get an idea. For newbies I would suggest using the Lucas method which was super easy for me to use. And yeah attitude is legit it's guaranteed if you use their registered and stealth packing, plus you can get a cool mug,shirt or bag. Good luck

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