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  1. I've never really considered myself a "tattoo guy". I think that's because most people get dumb tattoos. I've always been open to the idea of a tattoo, I just do not want some kind of dumb tat, something trendy or wishy-washy. If I get a tat, it's going to be something about life, my philosophy, something like that. Something plain, but powerful.

    One that I really like is "WHY".

    Another one I've got on my mind would be like a silhouette kinda-type deal looking something like this guy [​IMG]
    with the caption "Teach a man to fish". I don't know, I actually just came up with that one earlier.

    My third idea, which is my least favorite really, would be "WAKE UP".

    I just don't something elaborate or shitty. I want a tattoo that means something to me, but can also be a message to anyone who might see it.

    Or maybe I'll just go all out


    haha let me know what you think GC

  2. eh, I've got a few, one with my G-Pa's boat, and a heart with MOM written on the banner. Yeah, I did that. Another with a pair of sparrows holding a flag reading "LIVE FREE OR DIE," my statement against the man after i got taken down for possession.

    It all depends on what you value, man. I plan to get a few more for the sheer aesthetics of them, and a few more with meaning.

    Go to a tattoo shop or look up some flash sheets for ideas. Or, take your idea for a custom to an artist- you would be amazed at the beautiful tats they can draw for you, even with the vaguest guidelines.
  3. all of my tat's have meaning except for 1, cuz i got it at a time when i was doing really well making alot of money, n now i'm a broke fuck with no work ethic... its GMFL on my stomach which stands for get money for life

    theres alot of tattoo's that i want to get, and they all have a personal meaning

    i actually got a tattoo kit, but i dont have any stencil's to put shit on, n i'm not exactly a master free hander.... the german flag i did on my leg turned out decent for a first tat, but for the outliner i had the depth set to deep so it kept fish-hooking my skin so the outline didnt turn out to smooth, its lumpy lookin, and as far as coloring it in i did alright, better than my friends cousin who tattoo's out of his house

    i need to get some credit on my credit card and buy some stencil paper so i can practice on my upper legs, since hardly anyone ever see's ur upper legs when your a guy its a good place to practice, plus its not really painful so its not like it'd be hard to keep a steady hand with pain
  4. This is exactly the kind of tattoo I would never want to get.
  5. I'm not sure I like the second idea too much. Even though I don't know you. You might be fucking crazy, and if you are, then yes to the first idea.

    The second idea was not only hilarious if you're high, but also very thoughful. And creative. Something you could actually sit and ponder on,. Not like the pistols emo kids get tattooed on their hips.

    FUN FACT: There are over a billion emo kids with that tatto. That's a statistic, folks.
  6. I can see why someone might think that, ashley. Maybe you are thinking of it differently than I am. Imagine a little kid asking "Why?"
  7. I've got 4.

    All have personal meaning, although they're pretty common.

    I'm working on a custom piece for my other side of the ribs. Not sure I'm quite ready to explore that pain again any time soon, lol.

    But, go talk to an artist. They can draw up crazy shit.
  8. [​IMG]

    This is getting put on my back.
  9. Get a godsmack tattoo.
  10. I have a tattoo, but I thought about it for a long time before I got it. The most important consideration is not what tattoo you get, but where you put it on your body.
    I have a tattoo of a chinese dragon that is so big it took 13 caps of tattoo ink to do it. It's huge. But I got it on my back so it's easy to cover up when I dont want people to see it. This is important because no matter who you are there are going to be times in your life when you want to look all 'clean cut', like maybe a job interview or a court appearence, etc. Whether we like it or not, society still judges people by their appearence, and this includes tattoos. Get a tattoo on your neck or your arm, and everywhere you go the rest of your life people will judge you and think they know what kind of person you are before they even get to know you.
    I think the back is a great place for a tat because you don't see it. Most of the people I have met who have a tattoo and regret it are people who got it on their arm. They have to look at it every day and eventually they get sick of seeing it. I forget I have a big dragon on my back until I go to the beach or something and someone says "Holy shit, nice tattoo!" Since I can't see it, I never get sick of it.
    Oh yeah, and of course it's important to get something that means something to you. I put the dragon on my back so it can 'watch my back'. Kind of superstitious I guess, but I like the concept.
    To make sure you aren't going to get sick of your new tat, try this...
    Decide what tat you want to get and where you want to get it. Pretend you already have it for about a year. At the end of the year, if you are still glad it's there, then go get it! Sounds stupid, but that's what I did, and after a year I was still into the idea, so I went and had it done. I have no regrets at all about getting it because I took my time and really thought it through first.
    PS: I'm stoned right now, so cut me some slack if I maybe didn't explain everything right. :bongin:
  11. This kid I went to high school with got that Godsmack tribal sun design apparently not knowing it was the logo of a mediocre nu-metal band
  12. I got 1 tattoo but dont put it on you where people are gonna see it unless you really dont give a shit what people think.. dont get nothing your gonna look back on and be like.. whyy?

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