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  1. I would be a first time grower I'm thinking about buying the automatic seeds, the ones that grow real fast and need little care. Does anyone own any automatic plants and any tips for or suggestions growing inside or outside?
  2. inside you have more control over the environment. Always better imo. Just because it's a auto doesn't mean it requires less care, you should want to take care of it, you get better bud. But i think it is good to start growing autos.

    Just take care of it, don't make it go through a lot of stress.
  3. Like cross said when it comes to MJ you get out of it what you put in.
  4. Yeah thanks. I'm thinking about putting it in the window for the early stages too
  5. I've grown outdoors with auto(assassin afghan kush Ryder and la Bella afrodita)..I made several mistakes and the plants were surprisingly hardy. A few tips, go easy on the pesticides..only use them when you need to and make sure everything you use is organic. Remember, your gonna end up putting this stuff in your body, so make it healthy. Use worm castings for fertilizer if possible. Make sure to have at least a 5 gallon container, as autoflower plants expand their roots much more than photoperiod. Autos are much more concealed, so there's a low chance of people finding your grow if you do it off the beaten path. Make sure your pots have drainage, and make sure you have space to dry your bud. If you need to dry fast in a small space I recommend calcium chloride as a desiccant. Autoflowers are pretty easy to grow, just keep the soil moist and you'll have fresh bud in less than 3 months! :bongin:
  6. I've done autoflower outdoors. There pretty hardy. Use 5 gallon pots with drainage, use all organics for fertilizer and pesticides but be gentle with pesticides and only use them when necessary. Make sure your grow is off the beaten path, but the plants are easy to conceal. I recommend autoflower to anyone starting out growing, and in less than 3 months you can have fresh bud! Oh and if drying is an issue use calcium chloride as a desiccant. Feel free to ask me any questions you have :bongin:
  7. Fuck, sorry for the double post, it didn't show up at first
  8. I myself am looking to try autoflower indoors, so I'm glad I stumbled on this thread... Saved myself from asking if they're decent starter plants;) GL man! Hope it goes well for you.
  9. Think again.

    Get at least 1 CFL for seedling stage and put it as close to the plant as you can without it being too hot.
  10. lol what are the odds? thanks man same to u
  11. It's kool ur real smart u know alot about growing
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    Thanks, I've made so many mistakes growing... it sucks but I try to make sure other people don't make the mistakes I made
  13. Right. At this moment I don't know a place to grow it, but I have a place in mind but dont know how safe it is.
  14. Do you guys have any idea how much space I would need for say... 4-6 small auto-flowers? Indoor, in soil, inside of a growtent/closet/grow bow type of setup... I'm stumped! Can't find any reference points online.

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