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  1. ive been thinking and researching about growing lately. i have 2 spots that would work. i have woods in behind my backyard. the trash men go behind there to pick up my trash. i went exploring out there today and found a pretty good spot behind a big tree deep into the woods enough no one would find it. it has a good amount of shade because of the trees. i can grow some little plants in my backyard but then i would have to put them in the woods because neighbors might see them. would they be able to grow good out there? my second spot would be at my best friends place. he has a house at the end of a dead end street. he has a wooded area by a creek. that would be a safe place to plant them. i only worry about the shade there also. again, i can grow them at first in my backyard then plant them there. will this stuff work out good? suggestions appriciated. sorry for making this so long, so for those of you that read this, thanks.
  2. you just gotta make sure no animals come by a leech on your buzz ;) Other than that, i'd leave it to the more experienced to leave some feedback
  3. Im not to familiar with outdoor growing. We do have a section for that, and they will probably be able to help you more. Where ever you decide to plant them make sure you have an area where you can dig a 4 ft hole. I would dig down 3-4 feet then place all the soil back in just to turn it over. Also it might be beneficial to get a cheap soil ph test kit with the N-P-K tests aswell, they sell them at lowes for around $10. If I were you I would start the plants in some planters and then transplant. That way you can get them going on a healthy path and transplanting will also be alot easier. As far as your shade, I really dont know without seeing it. Is it shady the entire say, If so its probably not the greatest spot to plant them. I know your new to the GC and welcome, but dont be afriad t ouse the search button. Take a look at this sticky (I found it in the OUTDOOR Growing Section) it should answer most of your questions, and once again welcome.
  4. NEVER grow on your own property.

    The "creek" place is your best bet, as long as it isnt like a 5 mile hike through the woods to get to
  5. read more about outdoor grows cause you sound like you dont know shit of what your getting into I heard Marigold sucks up the smell so invest in that also never plant a bunch of plants together have them a mile or so apart invest in feminized seeds cause it would suck too drag 5 gallons of water then it being a male also pre sterilize your area by placing poison for gophers or some shit like that also I heard you should place chicken wire arond your plants so deers and shit dont eat it up read more dude there a shit load of online guides read them all not just one then come here and ask questions hope this helps buddy and good luck on your guirella(hope I spelled that right) gardening
  6. thanks for the replies. for the ealier post, its not on my property, im not very sure whos woods they are but no one ever goes in them. i reliezed that about at 4 pm the sun shines through the trees and onto the spot where i would plant it. so i think im good. thanks for the help. more suggestions would also be nice.
  7. i was also thinking if i am succesful on the plants i may build some sort of box with nets on the sides so animals can get into them, but light and everything can. i would probly spray paint it brown,black, or green and us a staple gun to staple some shrubs on it to camoflauge it.
  8. i have been researching and i am quite knowledgable about this now. i am just coming on here and asking for opinions and stuff.
  9. You just keep on doing that Mr. Chill, this advice you got here from mr. skill is a bunch of fertilizer. A mile apart? Gopher poison to sterilize? Chicken wire to keep deer away?
  10. WTF!?! Are you being serious?:confused:
  11. hey im not a outdoor gardener im just putting little bits of information I read thru out the net as for preparing your area in advance I think its a good idea cause would you really want your plants to be eaten by rats and shit and for the mile apart thing not really miles just a few yards cause it would suck to have your plants found out and there all bunched together you know what im sayin
  12. So if you don't know the answer then perhaps the better response is no response at all. Especially if you are going to be mean-spirited to the poster you are responding to about how they "don't know shit."
  13. sorry Toasty and mr chill I was just tring to give out some tough love
  14. :D WHURD.:D

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