Thinkin about getting this... let me know what you think

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    Looking to order my first bong this afternoon, let me know what you think.
    EHLE 500mL glass ice cylinder. 37 cm

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  2. EHLE makes quality glass at an affordable price so I have no complaints, but you shouldn't be posting links to a competitor's site
  3. oh yeah sorry i didnt even think about that, thanks for the heads up
  4. so how do i post what it looks like and stats without putting links?
  5. Try pictures. A competitor's product is fine just don't post links of how to buy it on a perfectly good headshop like GC.

    But... You asked for an opinion and that piece IS of good quality and it would be a nice buy.

    So picture and list the stats yourself. Of course the site name is still on the picture but at least its not hyperlink, for courtesy.
  6. Thanks guy, all is fixed :wave:

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