Think you need all the fancy stuff for a grow? Haha check it out.

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    So, a little back story.

    I'm pretty much a newb in the whole culture. Didn't start toking regularly until this last summer. Found I really enjoyed it. When I get involved in something, I really like to jump in. The next step was obvious - grow!

    So I finally decided why not, I'm gonna do a little cabinet grow, just to see if I can. I've never grown anything from seed before. I read various articles and tutorials about what to do and how to do it. Since all I wanted to do was grow a little for myself, I decided to go with the bare minimum basics and just see what happens. I figured if it failed, no big deal. And if it worked, sweet, free weed. :smoke:

    I started three seeds using the good ol' wet paper towel method. I was only planning on planting one because I only had one pot. When two of the three sprouted, I decided to plant the other one too. With only one available pot, I had to improvise.


    Yeah, that's the bottom half of a 20 oz soda bottle (with a couple holes poked in the bottom for drainage). Planted that little one at the same time as the big beauty posted above. Little shit just started flowering too, while the big one hasn't even shown sex yet haha.


    In the beginning I had intended to get another pot and transplant the thing, but I got lazy and instead focused on the big one and just let the little soda plant do its thing in the back corner of the cabinet. I honestly just expected it to die. Now that it's flowering, I guess I should probably transplant it lol.

    So it just goes to show you just how hardy these plants are. Yeah, I'm sure I'd get a higher yield and better herb if I had all the special fertilizers and lights and all that. But these babes aren't doing too bad planted in miracle grow potting mix and enjoying a single CFL screwed into a desk lamp. A bit of topping and a little LST experiment, and this is what ya get!


    I hope it's a girl. :)

  2. Obviously the little one is lol. Haven't seen anything show on the big one yet.
  3. yeah i just read that lol my bad :p i hope its a female mate 1 cfl thats awesome i bet you get like 3 grams but hey its an experiment and its free :D
  4. I'd be happy with hash lol. Just doing it for the fun of it. :) Thanks!
  5. Keep us updated i wanna see this finish ha ha
  6. Well yea you can grow, but you wont yield anything. Whats the point? :)
  7. Well he has already yielded a plant, and like he said just for funsies nothing serious just plain ol fun.
  8. I'm sure it happens all the time, but I'm a she, lol.
  9. oh my bad lol very sorry :)
  10. Why not just grow some daisies then
  11. So much hate lol. Let me have my fun. :p Worst case scenario? Some hash. Best case scenario? Some bud. Smile at life a little. :)
  12. worst case...busted and a few hits of kief...sorry just doesn't equal out to me but hey have fun
  13. Oh jeez...

    Call 911 tintin...

  14. Yeah dude, I hear those FLIR cameras are now able to detect glorified desk lamps and the ridiculous amount of heat exhaust this guy will have for his single bulb grow ;)

    OP, make sure you check your electricity bill. thats how the oink's get you
  15. This made me lol
  16. Those plants look healthier than some of the plants I've seen around here grown with top quality soil, lights, nutes. Obviously they won't yield much, but I wouldn't be surprised if she gets a quarter out of the two. I'm just amazed how healthy they look in those small containers filled with regular soil. Good stuff!
  17. FLIR was found unconstitutional to use in the United States. It's a breach of privacy. Busts made from using FLIR technology are part of the past. If you're from another country, check your national laws.
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    that plant, or this.

    (5 weeks veg - 600w HPS)


    I understand your just "growing for fun" but marijuana takes month and months to grow. is growing is something you want to do, make the investment. I applaud your efforts to make due with such a low budget grow, but let's be realistic here... I made my initial investments the first time I grew, and I produced amazing plants. There's no need for this "experimentation stage" that os many beginning growers talk about.

    I've written blogs, and posted on so many threads, explaining to people that if an HPS system is feasible in your grow conditions, I find it foolish to use such inferior lighting, such as CFL

    (my first grow, grew on a budget all through flowering, I bought a t5 floro system, this is them after 72 days of veg.)

    (and after buying a 600w HPS light to flower with, these were my results.)

    Just goes to show you that even beginners, with the right equiptment and knowledge, can produce some killer bud.
  19. It's great that you can afford all those things, but some people are on a budget that doesn't even allow for investment in good enough soil, let alone lighting and other things. I wish we could all afford to grow to our fullest potential. For those of us not in medical states, with no money, or a small stealth grow, experimentation and cheap supplies are all we can really afford to go with. A lot of us are growing exclusively to cut down on the cost of bud and I'm not saying you're wrong, believe me, quality grow supplies will give quality bud. I actually thoroughly enjoy watching people grow in tight spaces, with limited supplies and with other non-ideal setups because it's very informative to me, another grower who can only afford the minimum.
  20. [quote name='"Soccerguy420"']

    Yeah dude, I hear those FLIR cameras are now able to detect glorified desk lamps and the ridiculous amount of heat exhaust this guy will have for his single bulb grow ;)

    OP, make sure you check your electricity bill. thats how the oink's get you[/quote]

    Lol cus 1 cfl would raise the bill

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