Think You had a shitty thanksgiving

Discussion in 'General' started by FuCHyeah, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I was coming home from work on wed night when i was hit by a car. I was riding my bike (havent got tags for my car yet) when i was hit. I dont remember a thing but i woke up in the hospital ER on thursday night. I just got out a couple hours ago. I had a very very bad concussion and my leg is torn and cant be moved. Thankfully my buddy is coming by to smoke me up. Gotta love having friends. Just remember after my near death experience ive realized im glad to be alive.
  2. Im actually really sorry for you man. Remember don't hold grudges, hate spreads more hate. Keep a positive outlook on life, and take it slow. Everything is going to be alright.
  3. Did they give you painkillers? If so, what? Sorry bro. Did you eat turkey?
  4. yeah i got perks lol. they dont help much though when your really in pain though. Yeah hospital turkey...yummy
  5. Well on the bright side, you'll probably get pretty high tonight since you haven't smoked in a few days.
  6. take 6 of them and i bet u theyll work mixed with some bud
    after a 2 day concussion whats the worst that could happen rlly
  7. Sorry to hear that OP. Hope you get well soon.

    I wanna ride my bike everywhere, for just the health/money saving reasons.... but then I hear stories about people getting hit by cars while on their bike all the time.

    My girls uncle was hit on his bike while riding to work about a year ago. He was hit at 7 AM by a drunk driver... ended up getting a bunch of pins in his arm/hand, having to get like 3-4 surgeries on his arm, etc. One of my other good friends was riding her bike down town and she got hit by two people, some one hit her and knocked her down and then another car came and winged her as it past.
    Be careful out there bikers.
  8. Careful there man if they're 10s and op's inexperienced 60mg is probably a bit much.
  9. is it me or is this guy a mod talking about NONMENTIONABLEs!.... the fuck?
  10. im not a mod

    and yeah 6 would be to much but 60 mgs of 10's arent as strong as 2 30's for instance

    but yeah be careful with the prescription you were prescribed from a doctor, to many of them would be dangerous

  11. Think You had a thitty shanksgiving?

    edit: anyone else read the thread like this?

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