think you got the buds?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by gr33nthumz, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. Okay, here is an idea. Post ah picture of the largest amount

    of buds(either bagged or still on the stalk), with you standing

    next to it to prove its real. We'll see who's got the biggest

    buds of 'em all. Also try to put a soda can or something to

    judge the size by, include the weight too, be honest.
  2. Oh, so you want us to post incriminating evidence against ourselves? Hm... I'd rather not.
  3. what kind of a question is that?

    it sounds like something a nark would say such a stupid question

  4. and dont forget to include your full name, address, and social security number in your pictures
  5. WELL WELL, seems like some people aren't clever enough to think of cutting your face out of the picture, i should have included that in the origional post,btw calling a fellow shmoker a narc is rather low, but some of y'all need to get things straight, try wearing a hat that can cover or shadow your face or something just make sure your in the picture. GET it?
  6. firstly i wouldn't post a pic of my plants with me next to them......secondly, i trust the blades here enough to know that if they posted some bud pics or plants, then they would indeed be theirs!........and last but not least, what's to say that the dude in the pic, is indeed the person who took it?......i don't know what critter or anyone else looks like.......there is another post about the biggest bud contest, you'll find a lot of nice pics there...................Peace out..........Sid
  7. your all a bunch of peranoid fucks!!!!!!!!

  8. No, thier just not stupid like you.
  9. Lets have pics of a map with our house location on it as well!

    I have a reason to be paranoid just like alot of the people here.
  10. Originally posted by Bud Head
    Lets have pics of a map with our house location on it as well!

    I have a reason to be paranoid just like alot of the people here.

    i agree with budhead on that one.

  11. lmao ......
  12. i'm not a grower so if i posted a picture of me and my crop i'd just be posting a picture of me.
  13. Who in they're right mind would post a pic of themselves?...maybe they just dont want to...ya know...its called privacy dude. Learn it!!!!...i sure as hell am not gonna post a pic wtih me standing beside it. I dont know if like one of my enemies or somethin might come in here and see me. You just never know. Even without my face they could recognize me. Its called bad luck. And ppl have it sometimes. And one more thing....learn to spell....its PARANOID!....sorry bout that you all...just got me and my girl got into a big argument....but i just wanted him/her to get the out....Peace

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