Think you could get into college?

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  1. Is that where you plan on attending? I got a cousin who goes to Madiscon, or University of wisconsin

    those essay questions are really hard compared to mine. I had to write a page why they should accept me
  2. I applied there too. Those questions weren't too bad.
  3. I don't understand what you're suppose to write for the first one....AT ALL. I could probably do the other ones if I let my over-analytical mind take over.

  4. Essay Option 1 Find x. - Found it! :D

    Inspired by Benjamin Nuzzo, an admitted student from Eton College, UK
  5. x is the abstraction of the real and indefinably profusion of nature.
    A manifestation of tangibility

    I want to continue...:rolleyes:
  6. I didn't even have to write an essay to get into college.
  7. It's right next to W, ya turkey
  8. yeah those are some nutso questions. When I applied to northwestern I wrote some cray shit. But that what they expect. and at Unv. of Chi, which is like easily one of the best schools anywhere, they need to separate the smart people from the geniuses.
  9. The real question is can you get out of college.
  10. or, do you want to get out of college?
    i loved it so much, i'm going back!

    actually its cause I couldnt find a job in my field...and now i'm living at home while going to school. its like someone took out all the fun parts of college and doubled the crappy parts.
  11. I got a degree w/ two majors in philosophy and history. Taking the lsat in december.
  12. they never asked me to write an essay for community college?

  13. Same here :metal:
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    Whenever my math teacher said, "we need to find x" id laugh pretty hard. :smoke:
  15. University of Chicago is an amazing school, questions aren't as bad as they could be.
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    find x is a cool one. i would do that one and go off on this big philosophical tangent about how humans have this need to find the answer for everything, and understand the meaning of everything. find x is a metaphor for human curiosity. Then i would further the metaphor in that colleges are the places where you seek out answers to life's questions. Therefore, by attending college, i am finding x.
  17. I'm glad that I didn't have to provide mental masturbation for some university professor...

    Those questions were complete and utter self indulgent bullshit. OK, so you can be witty, how does that prove you deserve a place at a college?

    As Zack de la Rocha said so eloquently...ugh!

    /rant :)
  18. It's not so much about one's response being correct or not as much as it is displaying one's creative and critical thinking capacities.

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