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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to get some outside opinions on this. It's for a class I'm taking and I seem to have gotten writer's block for the past week or so :confused:

    Here goes. I am presenting you with 3 things. The first is Charles Manson, second is Berlin, Germany, and the third is Dante's Inferno. Now I'm assuming the great majority of you are well read and know what most of these things are as I have seen the intellectual discussion some of you are capable of firsthand.

    What common threads do each of these things have? Any underlying themes relating each of these things to each other (i.e. themes of redemption, ect.)?
    For Berlin keep in mind that this is the city that followed Hitler in his little venture and the consequences that followed were damn near horrific (Soviet occupation, oppression, Cold War), but also keep in mind that nowadays Germany is one of our most steadfast allies and a huge economic powerhouse at the moment. Any piece of information from any of these things is fair game. I'm kind of out of ideas so I'm looking to you all, don't let me down :D

    Again, the three are:
    Charles Manson
    Berlin, Germany
    Dante's Inferno (the epic poem, not the game or movie)
  2. Hm I guess not?
  3. they all have A's and E's.
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    Charley was/is a deranged individual....bent on the idea of killing those he felt "deserved" to be killed......
    if he had found/created the opportunity....he would have done everything he could to equal the body count of another deranged who held the same type of sway over his "followers"
    Berlin Germany was once ruled by a man with a very similar mindset to that of our friend Charley....but said leader found/created the opportunity to apply his ideas of death to a much larger scale....
    now ....
    the two of them are likely wading thru boiling blood and fire.....with the likes of Alexander the Great and Atilla the Hun.....some up to their eyebrows....others less deep ...some more so....
    being kept in line and at their proper depth by Chiron and Pholus and the Centaurs at their command....
    all forever lost within the outer ring of the 7th circle......


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