Think too much?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Digit, Aug 16, 2003.


Can you think too much?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. Depends firstly on what you mean by too much. How do we make such a ruling as to how much is too mu

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  1. can you do such a thing?
    is it possable to think TOO MUCH!?
  2. HELL YES!!


    sometimes you just want some quite, but no... BOOM BOOM BOOM thoughts comin out your ass pretty much. and they are all CRAAAAAAAAZY. AHHH!

    i dont like shrooms anymore... havent had any in months. my last time i only had like 1.5gs of some really good stuff. it wasnt enough to do anything but just kinda bump me off track a little. make my mind kinda work backwards. crazy stuff.
  3. dude this is making me think to much!
  4. My mind churns constantly. I have notebooks all over my house, under my pillow, on a shelf near the shower....filled with shit I think up. My friends know that when we're hanging out that I will just start talking about something that has nothing to do with anything at all that is going on. If it hits my head, it's on paper or out of my mouth. I don't really do it so much here. Moderating cuts down on thinking around the City sometimes.

    A friend of mine says that I'm chaos in motion...he put a piece of construction paper with a circle drawn on it next to my door that says "Bang Head Here" because I totally keep everybody all fucked up with my stuff.

    So,'s not possible to think too much.

    ...and if you drive others nuts in the process then there's a bonus in it for you! :D
  5. haha, nice one.. but what if you drive yourself nuts?
  6. Well, then that goes into the whole "genius vs. insanity and is there a difference" topic.

    What if??? Really? Find out...where's the "I dare you" thread????
  7. i'm the one that voted simply "no"
  8. yeah, im incredibly over analytical
  9. Hell yea you can think too much..when your high and when your str8. I had an anxiety attack when I was stoned and when I have been str8, because of whut was running thru my mind. So yes I think there is a thing called thinking too much. Damn, I still do it but it doesnt bother me anymore.

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