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  1. I guess it doesn't matter a great deal, I'm going to try it & hopefor the best- but what do you all think?

    I SUCK at cloning- really I do. So, that left me with lovely plants that I have flowered & cut & no viable clones (ok- I have some in the dome that are barely clinging to life- cut during flower after veg clones all died):devious:.

    When I harvested there were little shoots- actually looked like growth attached to the main stem & I didn't cut it, well, because i was busy trimming for days.:hello: I noticed that the next day the stems that I cut were still pumping water, so I plugged the bubblers back in & left them in te grow room (which is switched back to 18/6 for another veg- different strain).

    Do you think the little shoots will grow so that I can TRY to get a clone from that strain? I was suprised that chopping the plant didn't kill it! Although the shoots are below the chop. If you think it'll work send some good vibes that the violator kush will live!
  2. Picture of what you are referring to as "shoots" would probably make it so a correct answer can be given. Without that, a answer would be a guess.
  3. if you have left enough vegetation on the stalk to continue photosynthesis then yes the plant will re-veg after a few weeks. another thing you can expect is when it begins new growth it will more then likely look extremely strange, almost like sugar leaves, but they will be non-serrated. keep the pumps on and let her come back to life.
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    Of course pix are better.:smoke:

    I was flushng the plants -so I haven't reintroduced nutrients. I have some grow, b52 and the hyrozyme & thrive on the way. I figured I just let them rest & regroup for awhile. I just didn't know if the plant energy would go toward the 'big wound' or still go to the 'shoots' for growth. I guess it'll take a couple of weeks or so for them to return to veg. I sure don't mind the wait- but it's taking up room in my rez.

    There's a massive tangle of roots... should I trim?
  5. one thing people that reveg plants have working for them vs growing from clones is you already have an established root system. i personally would have left a little more vegetation on the stem, but there is enough there to keep the plant alive.

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