Think this is ready to harvest ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Spdc1234, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Wondering if anyone thinks this ready to crop or not can't really tell the difference between cloudy and clear

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  2. Any help would be great thanks
  3. Crop or harvest ?
    And a pic with natural light would help see better .

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  4. I meant harvest and I'll try later today to get a picture with regular lighting thanks for the reply
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  5. I would say no just based off the fact that all you pics of tricomes are of you leaf. You need to look at the actual buds for tricomes. One other thing I notice is plenty of white hairs in the background, now this does not always mean it's not ready but generally.
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  6. Even without better light or better pics of the buds I can tell that's not ready. If it's still popping off white pistils it's still growing. Leaves will amber up before the buds and I still see alot of clear trics on the leaves so the buds will have more that are clear. Pay attention to the trics on the buds, not the leaves. We trim leaves and smoke buds
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  7. Ok thanks for the reply I'll try and get a picture of the trics on the bud
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  8. Not sure if this pic helps this is the top of the bud I'll get one when I'm home later with different light

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  9. Not ready. Get a pic of the full plant under regular house lights or snap one during lights out using your camera flash and we can give you a better idea of how long
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  10. Even under that lighting the majority of your pistols (hairs) are still white, so no where near ready, 4-6 week guesstimate. Take pictures with your growlights not on.
  11. Think this is done now

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  12. She’s almost there brother
  13. Ok thanks like another week or less
  14. I’d say so yes. Just keep checking trichs like Killset said. Reason I say she’s not ready now is because you still have a few whitish pistils and your orange pistils haven’t yet curled all the way in. I’d say a week give or take half a week
  15. Ok great thanks appreciate the advice
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  16. Idk man after this last harvest I did 3 plants about a week apart and they looked close to that when i started and even the 3rd plant i cut down had pretty heady effects.
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  17. I would think if you look through a good scope alot are still clear. Just my thoughts but ready if you are looking for an answer to will they get you high hell yes they will.
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