Think this is done?

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  1. its thc bomb, i switched it to 12/12 Nov that means its been 9 weeks since i made the switch?
    or does flowering time start when you first notice pistils?
    ive just gave it pure water the past 2 times.....with about 4 days in between


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  2. From what it looks like I'd say it ready but I'm a novice about to harvest for the first time so hopefully someone more experienced can help you. Good luck
  3. yah its hard to say.  if flowering time counts as when the switch was made its been 9 weeks......but if its when it first showed pistils its probably been 8 weeks maybe. 
    on their site it says flowering time 8-10 weeks.  hmm
  4. She looks ready, are those colas firm nd are any of the lower fan leaves changing coloriPhone using Grasscity app
  5. U should post a full body shot also so ppl could give u more advice instead of just a section iPhone using Grasscity app
  6. Fyi i would invest in a jewelers loupe to look at the trichs, that's how you really know for sure but from looks alone it looks good. Maybe 1 more week if you wanted to but its lookin good
  7. [quote name="herbalZen" post="19332453" timestamp="1389630719"]U should post a full body shot also so ppl could give u more advice instead of just a section iPhone using Grasscity app[/quote]Truth^
  8. inc!  
    yah a good amount have fallen off

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  9. That's nice...get rid of the rest of those dying fans so she won't be wasting nutrients on them nd give her about a week...should get a little more size to those budds than she should be readyNice GrowEnjoy!!!iPhone using Grasscity app
  10. thanks, will do.  I wasnt sure about getting rid of them or not but that makes sense.  
    I havent been adding any nutes the past 2 times i watered her, just a gallon of water each time.  should i use nutes then just a bigger flush in 4-5 days?  
  11. Dont feed before harvest, its just bad practice and pointless.
  12. You want to let the leaves fade towards the end of harvest. Thats your plant using up the nutrients in the fan leaves while you flush the salts out of your soil so you have a clean smoke. It looks ready to me, it's ready when the calyxes swell up like there is a seed inside. You could see them with a magnefying glass if you know what you're looking for. The thing is right now you're in the harvest window. It can last anwhere from a couple days to a couple weeks, it depends on the strain. My advice is to take your plant to the bathtub and run 3x your pot size through it, a 5 gallon pot would get 15 gallons. That will fix what you fed them and you can harvest before the lights come on. I would 't let it go longer than 5 more days. Flush it asap though.
  13. oh, gotcha.   I thought it just meant just using water, no nutes. Thats a lot of water lol. I'll have to look up calyxes, not entirely sure what they are but I can figure it out.
    I really thought I was going to hear, "yeah harvest it!" A few more days doesnt hurt though.
    I do have one more that I was pretty much set on thinking its done but now im second guessing it.  its caramelicious, which said 8-9weeks instead of 8-10weeks like that one.  I have no idea why the leaves are pointing up near the top.....its kind of wierd.

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  14. They both look ready to me. Its normal for different phenos to mature at different times.
  15. she's done.....good 1...she looks good.

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