Think this girl likes me?

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  1. Im sorry to sound like a dude with a little puppy love crush, but I been chillin with this girl for awhile now and for a bit we were just freinds I tried something with her when I was fucked up and she wrote in a text on her phone "dude my girl is sitting right here, your pretty cute but im taken" well I texted back to her I didnt mean to start anything my bad your just beautiful an chill as fuck. Well flash forword about a week she gets back into town just got out of the ER from drinking to the point of almost dyeing. I guess everyone was tryin to chill with her but she just wanted to chill with me and my homeboy smoke a couple of blunts and chill. she comes over said she is cold in my room and I said we could cuddle up under this blanket so she has her legs resting on me and the blunt was kinda small so she offer'd me a shotgun and I stright up kissed her on the lips while I was inhaleing and when I blew the smoke out we both smiled at each other and laughed a bit. I did it twice but both times she was shotgunning me. So do you blades think she is into me or am I just reading her wrong. I like this chick a lot, She can hang with me smoking, dont smoke cigarettes, just all around the kind of girl I been dreaming about. I hope this goes well. Anytime she is depressed she asks me to come chill her out and talk with her
  2. are you a dude or a girl?
  3. I am a dude. She is bi.
  4. so she has a girlfriend?

  5. Nah they broke up a few days ago and I been chilling with her a lot since then.
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    just keep chilling with her dude. stay cool and don't let yourself become the friend she just goes to when she wants to chill and talk. BEWARE OF THE FRIEND ZONE.

    spit game and hangout...but don't give her the idea that your ONLY FRIENDS. dig what I'm saying? of course you do.
  7. well is she a lesbo or bi? if they broke up and that was her reason for not going for it i say you just make your move for real next time your chillin.
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    Hell yeah thats why I was like we could cuddle under this blanket and get warm and actually kissed her when she shotgunned me. Fuck being freind zoned. I am tryin to make it clear I like her.

    She is bi, they broke up beacuse her girl cheated on her. she actually kinda kissed me back the second time. I think we might be kicking it today, watch the rum diarys do some things that would make hunter thompson proud ;) . Ill make a move tonight
  9. Go for it man. The advice above is great. Sounds like she's into you. Hope everything goes smoothly.
  10. Yeah dude, I am gonna fucking go for it! To fucking night is the night. Wish me luck yo!
  11. You shouldn't have to ask when a girl likes you, When she does, You'll know.
  12. I know man but I wanted to be damn sure before I made myself look like an ass. I just wanted to make sure I am reading her right. This is the hottest girl I ever been able to pick up..
  13. All the best bro. Go for it, hope it works out for ya.
  14. Bi chicks are always chill.

    I was close as fuck to a SEXY ass one but ended up getting shot into the friend zone. (worst thing ever btw, with every girl I've ever liked they threw me in there) Op try hard to not go into the friend zone man.

  15. Did threesome not occur to you? :cool:
  16. Oh that thoughts been floating in my head. She did let me watch her and her ex once that was chill. They started making out and they were like do you mind? I was like go right a fucking head and jerked it haha.

    and how the fuck do I not get freind zoned? I dont wanna be super clingy.

  17. Yeah I feel you bro, Just make sure you express your feeings, and stay out of the friend zone
  18. :DDONE! One bottle of crown and a few blunts and other things I cant say and she was all over me and told me she's liked me since the frist time I sold to her.

    Didnt get to fuck, butttttt!!!!

    [ame=]I RATHER GET SOME HEAD - YouTube[/ame]
  19. Woooooord bro there you go! Get it in, ill light up. Grape dutchie for your bossin'

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