Think they'll pop?

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  1. These seeds weren't purchased from a seed bank and they've been in a cupboard in this bag for close to 5 years but I'm curious if they have a likelihood of actually germinating because I obviously saved them for some reason. If I remember right it's some pretty dank Master Kush.

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  3. Yeah, definitely. Most of my beans are five years old, and I've seen journals with growers who have germinated much older beans than that. Proper storage helps prolong their viability, but you can probably get at least a few of them to pop.

    1. Scarification (Scratch the seeds gently on some sand paper by lining a small matchbox with small grit sandpaper, dropping the seeds in, and shake the box for a few minutes.)
    2. Drowning in a cup on a seedling heat mat
    3. Paper towel trick on a seedling heat mat

    I do these steps every time I germ a seed with great success.
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  4. One way too find out bro...hope they sprout for ya..
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  5. They look viable, good color and I dont see any crushed or anything.. but theres a 50/50 chance they are seeds from a hermie plant if it's bagseed from weed you bought..

    When you get bagseed theres 2 ways that happens, the 3rd way I wont consider in these situations because I cant see a grower purposely pollinating buds to sell as seeded buds... Either some male pollen made it's way into the flowering room by accident or most likely there was some stress or light leak that caused a plant to hermie and pop some seeds out..
  6. Hermie seeds will grow more hermie plants... good luck !
  7. So a plant turning hermy is genetic and not an environmental factor? I always thought a plant turning hermy was a stress response. But plants can be predisposed as hermie from seed?
  8. I've popped seeds older then that
  9. Yes but theres lots of misconceptions about intersex cannabis plants, a true hermaphrodite grows with distinguishable buds and balls that grow on their own and not clustered together or balls, nanners growing directly from the buds.. this trait can definately happen from environmental stress but true hermies are more from genetics. When you see male parts growing directly in the buds like nanners that is most likely from environment.
  10. I have like 10 oz. Of seeds from back in the days of smoking reggie the seeds are about 10+ years old and ice considered many times to try to pop some

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