Think she went back to class?

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  1. a site where people go that believe the same thing can not happen to 2 different people in the world, when out of almost 7 billion people, i would assume something like this happens daily
  2. Yeah, that's definitely an event that occurs daily.:rolleyes:

  3. almost 7 billion people, a lot of which im going to guess have sex and stay in the bed all night, everyone shits, do the math
  4. This topic has become quite the shit storm.
  5. I think the shit is getting ready to hit the fan...
  6. I guess i don't spend nearly enough time reading up on meaningless shit.
  7. You're going to guess that a large fraction of the 7 billion people including children and the elderly are having sex every night? Alright. ;)
  8. Hide your kids, hide your wife, cuz they be rapin everyone out there.
  9. if they didnt, we wouldnt have 7 billion people on earth....think about it

    I also never said large FRACTION, a small fraction of that is a LOT of fucking people.... i said im sure it happens more often than you would think....
  10. My kids do
  11. Just blame the Mexicans
  12. I remember when he told us that story. One of the many times I cried while laughing. Silly stoners!:smoke:
  13. Wow that is....dark. :laughing:

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