Think she went back to class?

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  1. So my buddy told me this story and i can't stop telling it.

    Someone he knows gets super wasted at this party. He ends up hookin up with a girl from one of his classes in one of the bedrooms of the house. He wakes up to find that he had gotten so wasted that he shit himself. He immediately jumps out of the bed and takes a shower in the connected bathroom. He put on his clothes that were on the floor and took a look at the bed. There was shit ALL over the sheets. He didn't know what to do. That shit would be embarrassing to show up to class after that so he did what any good guy would do. He let her sleep, took his shitty underwear, pulled down her underwear and made it look like she had shat the bed. I never asked but i bet she didn't show up to class. LOL
  2. I'm proud to tell people I shit the bed. Thats a true life achievement. Of course thats only if you're sleeping when you shit the bed. If you shit the bed awake then you're just a disgusting cunt.

  3. I wish i could claim this story as my own doing.
  4. shittiest hook up ever
  5. I bet she had a Shitty morning!

  6. Shitty puns guys :D
  7. You've gotta be shitting me
  8. That reminds me of another story I once heard which I kinda doubt is true but is just as funny......

    A guy was fucking his gf in the ass on the couch in the living room while his parents were out. The parents came home early and once the guy realized he immediately pulled out of his gf. Well, he pulled out unexpectedly and fast and the gf ended up shitting on the couch. They didnt have time to clean up so they ran upstairs together.

    Parents got home and asked him what happened to the couch and he blamed it on the dog.

    The dad had the dog put to sleep for shitting on the couch.

  9. How dare you come in here and shit all over my post
  10. Yeah i doubt that one is true. If it is they're both going straight to hell for letting that dog take that sentencing.

    I thought you were gonna tell that Tucker Max story where she gives him a blowie on her white couch, he realizes he left a speed stripe on her cushion so he flipped it without her knowing.
  11. I hope she didn't forget the shitty chicken
    and the shitty pork...oh no no please tell
    me she didn't forget the shitty shrimp before
    she went back to class!!

  12. No Shit
  13. Like i give a shit

  14. fecal matter!
  15. "POOP" has to be one of the best words ever!

    I can't help but smile when i hear it.

  16. my teacher said poop in class the other day.
    I giggled

  17. Thats what you call a little kid.
  18. That didnt happen to a guy your friend knew. That story is years old. Stolen off bash.
  19. wtf is bash?

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