think my order snagged by customs

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  1. I think my order got snagged by customs... :[ My orders from always only take 3-4 days to get here after the confirmation that they shipped it. It's now been 6 days and I haven't gotten it. I'm pretty annoyed. Even more wasted money... I'm sick of throwing away money. I didn't even want to spend more, but I needed more seeds to work with, so I did... and now I'm not even getting them. lame... :(
  2. Way too soon to give up hope. All the seedbank can do is drop it in the mail, from there who the hell knows what could happen. It could show up 3 weeks from now after sitting in the bottom of a bag on the bottom of a pile on a loading dock somewhere.

    If Customs did nab it most likely they will let you know because you should receive the shipment with a nice Customs sticker on it and a lovely letter inside in place of your contraband.
  3. yeah, I know it's early. it just has been very consistent in the past so I'm worried. :/
  4. What are the consequences if it is nabbed by Customs? because I'm thinking of ordering some seeds off of seedbountique too... by the way TFH, what state you live in?
  5. day 7. it's been a week now. always took 3 days before. I guess it's not going to show up. that really pisses me off. this time i was supposed to get another pack of seeds thrown in for free that i ordered last time that came damaged and of course now i don't even get the fucking package at all... I can't stand throwing money away on nothing at all. I need more seeds for this grow and now I don't want to order from them again. lame...

    does anyone know how long after I'd receive the package if customs did catch it? I'm on the east coast.
  6. ^
  7. nothing really. you just don't get your seeds. they send you your empty package with a green sticker and letter explaining they removed illegal contraband. and I don't want to talk about my state. east coast is enough info.
  8. You keep believing that, once the news gets to the correct people you will be visited.

    Perhaps you need to read up more on how many growers have already been busted from ordering seeds online.
  9. shit... I need to get rid of my stuff then :[

    now I'm even more worried :(
  10. are you positive? can you find some links? because I'm bordering on freaking out here and looking for places to take the plants to and have a friend hold on to the light and everything.
  11. well, guys... I guess I was worrying over nothing. It just took longer than double the time it normally takes this, but I got my order :D one of the 11 tiki seeds was completely smashed, but that's not a big deal... still 10 more of those, and 10 ak48. and all of these seeds are HUGE... really big seeds. i'm happy now. that relieved a lot of my stress and paranoia. :smoke:
  12. ^

    Glad to hear it! good luck on your grow and keep tokin!:smoking:
  13. haha u were mad for nothing!!! lol thats some funny shit tho. i would of been all scared too lol oh well good luck on your grows peace ROFL
  14. lol yeah, I know. just think about it from my position though. the last 3 orders I made it only took like 3 days to get here. always very consistent and fast. this time it took over 8 days. not that long, but a lot longer than I was used to, so I was thinking something was wrong. who knows what delayed it... my local mail service blows sometimes. oh well, i'm happy, and 10 hashberry plants should be here soon.

    i've got 5 bag seed and one pure power plant started already, now i've got a lot more seeds to use. i'm excited as fuck due to the fact my friend and i recently found a really nice area for outside growing. so some of my plants we're going to take outside... going to have as much as I can fit inside, and all the rest are going outside and will be ready about 2 months after the inside ones. it's all planned out pretty nicely. definitely happy about the outside options now. inside will give a decent amount to tide us overand experience using the HPS and keeping heat down, and then in september or october the big outside plants will be ready. can't wait. :)
  15. Oh ye of little faith...

    Grow. Partake. Enjoy.

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