Think my friend stole money off me

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  1. So basically I went to visit my friend at his new flat in another town. He asked me to pick up a lot for him and his GF. So I bought £80's worth (20 for me and 30 for him and GF)

    I brought £30 with me. So when I arrive and we chill for a bit she gives me the 30 pound and he gives me the 30 dollars. So in my pocket I should have 90. But the thirty dollars I brought with me are missing. I look everywhere for it but nothing. I only have 60. He always seems to be broke and I cannot find the £30 anywhere I look. And yes I am high but I'm starting to believe he took my 30 and paid me with it thinking I wouldn't notice. I keep telling myself that he's my friend and he would never steal from me plus my money was in my coat pocket he would have no idea it was there but I have no idea where it could be.
    Now I don't know what to do. I'm down 30 quid and I don't really have any evidence that he took it but I'm starting to believe he did. I don't really know how to handle it because I can't accuse him as I'm staying with him and if I tell him I've lost money he will probably get
  2. I'd keep looking for it. Don't end up ruining a friendship because he may have taken it. I've been in a situation like this before and i ended up finding my money and apologizing to my friend.
  3. You should kiss him?
  4. Not enough evidence IMO. I would advise giving him the benefit of the doubt and consider taking further action if it ever happens again.
  5. You must execute him he broke the bro code!
  6. tell him u lost 30 and ask if he he finds it
  7. I don't think he'd give it back, if anything he'd start looking for it if he already didn't take it.
  8. Quick question, why are you using 2 different currencies?
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    If you think your Freind would steal from you how can he really be your Freind?
  10. watch yo friends OP, *****z be sneaky as hell these days. /cant trust anybody either.
  11. If he is a friend, there's a better chance you lost it than he stole it.
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    That's actually funny as fuck. I just realized one of my buddies once lost his little stash of bud with him, and we were just hanging out and blazing in his room. We were best friends at the time, which was why it caught me off guard.

    Anyways at one point he starts frantically looking for his bud, like everywhere. I'm helping him look for it too like why would I help him look for bud I supposedly stole, I had my own stash with me the whole time too. Eventually he just assumes I took it cus he cannot find it anywhere, and I was actually shocked. I showed him my backpack and everything to prove I didn't have his weed, what an idiot.

    Get this, so it ends awkwardly cus I have to go and he of course can't find it, and i'm like sorry about your bud dude, I really don't know what happened with it...and he just has that annoyed look on his face like "yeah whatever" your a dirty thief look, and I was like fuck that kid. My phone rings as im driving away and he's like "DUDE, BRO, MY BAD MAN. COME BACK OVER I'LL SMOKE YOU A BOWL...THEY WERE IN MY SWEATS, BLAH BLAH"....long story short i've cut ties with that kid. SOrry for the long ass post, just saying you could be me in the situation
  13. Friend came over once when I was like 13 (Ages ago). I had put my wallet in my sock drawer for some reason to keep it safe and forgot all about it, after he went home I noticed my wallet was missing and I called and sort of accused him sort of asked him if he did, needless to say we never talked really after and I found the wallet A YEAR LATER.
  14. Try to find the 30 before confronting. Might drag things father then they should
  15. Listen to the wise advice above. If I had a dollar for the times I have accused someone of stealing only to find it after I would have more than enough to spare you the money you are missing.

  16. Yeah this, fuck people like that. I used to have a friend who had some alcohol related problems, and whenever he'd misplace something (which was quite frequently cause he was stoned/drunk all fucking day) he'd immediately start accusing everyone. Shit got so fucking annoying, I stopped hanging out with that POS. made it even worse too cause this kid WOULD actually steal from people all the time but when he thought someone stole from him, he'd literally be on the verge of tears about his missing 0.4 gram nug (which he would then find under the couch or under a magazine or something)

    I certainly wouldn't accuse him though. maybe ask him, but don't accuse him
  17. your story doesn't even make any damn sense to me. no shit you cant figure out where your money went.
  18. Make up a plan to buy some crazy munchies then when he agrees pretend to search your pockets for the cash in front of him, When you can't find it tell him you can't buy it anymore because you lost £30

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