think my elbow is broken

Discussion in 'General' started by xLoneWolfx, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. A few days ago I got drunk and I must have fell or elbowed something really hard bcuz I think it's broken. It's all bruised and I was rubbing it with my fingers and I can feel a spot where it feels cracked and my other elbow isn't like that. Fuck. I'm trying to call my mom to tell her to take me to the Dr. Do they have to do surgery to repair it or do you think it will fix itself?
  2. If you can bend your elbow, you're straight
  3. as long as you can smoke you're good
  4. Something is broken dude I can feel a crack
  5. better get it amputated dude
  6. Pretty sure it's got a fracture. Can't be that severe since I can still fully extend my arm but I definitely feel a gap in the bone. This happened last Sunday, I can't get to the Dr until Saturday. Do you think it will be fine til then? The whole area around my elbow is dark like a bruise but it isn't all that swollen.
  7. Use an old shirt as a sling or something.
  8. better drink your own piss just to be safe
  9. be well OP! drink lots of lemonade and booze you gonna be aight maintain an positive mental attitude
  10. Just shake it off
  11. Is that a picture of your elbow? If so, that's the tiniest elbow I've ever seen....

    And if you can straighten your arm without a sharp pain, I doubt it's broken.
  12. Only looks tiny in that pic. It has to be broken man.. It's dark all around the area and I can feel a gap in the bone and my other elbow isn't like that.

  13. Definitely looks swollen.

    I'd get it checked out as soon as possible.
  14. But you think it's probably not a very bad break since I can still fully extend my arm and everything?
  15. To be honest I'm having pretty bad anxiety over it. My mom can't drop me off to the Dr until Saturday. I read all about this shit online. A lot of the time you need surgery but it said if the fractured pieces aren't spread out all over and you can still fully extend your arm you probably just need a cast or whatever they called it
  16. [quote name='"xLoneWolfx"']

    But you think it's probably not a very bad break since I can still fully extend my arm and everything?[/quote]

    Try to do a push up and then report back with results
  17. Lol! That would be horrible
  18. That elbow looks pretty bad though, i had a friend that messed up his arm skating and he didnt go to the doctor and it healed up funny
  19. You think it looks that bad? :-\
  20. Go to the doctor asap.

    Fractures that arent treated with antibiotics and treated in time can become necrotic. Last thing you want is septicemia in your arm, right by your pulmonary artery.

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