think im gonna stay off the drugs for a while

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  1. so i tripped acid the other day....had a great trip and everything. you guys know that weed is a potentiator to acid, so even when i came down when i would smoke weed i would feel the acid again.

    well i kind of had a bad trip....not really bad but i'll explain.

    i was gonna go out to eat wit my gf. i took a hit of weed (knowing that the acid will be in effect) but took a much bigger hit than i expected. i was trippin and realized that my gf cant see me like this and was getting anxious. i tried to calm down but even when my mind was calm, my heart was beating like crazy. usually im good at controlling how anxious i am on drugs, and i have this technique where i close my eyes and breathe in and out slowly to calm down but it just wouldnt work.

    i had to make up this elaborate lie to my gf on why i couldnt see her.....i felt kinda bad so i cleaned my house (yes, on acid). maybe i was trying to cleanse system of the drugs by physically cleaning. i spent about 3 hours cleaning everything and thinking about everything that just happened and came to the conclusion that i need to stop everything. i was on a tolerance break previously anyway but only smoked because i got my acid, so it was already my original intention.

    it was stupid to even smoke knowing that the acid was still in my system, but i didnt plan on taking such a huge hit (factoring in my tolerance has lowered since i havent been smoking so it shot me way up there).

    i had a dream about my gf and we were getting ready to hang out....but i woke up before we could hang out in my dream (which basically happened in real life when i couldnt see her). i woke up really wanting to hang out with her but couldnt because she was out somewhere, and i have to go to work tonight so we wont see each other today. i feel bad because she really wanted to see me yesterday and i fucked that up, and now i wanted to see her and couldnt. i woke up in my house alone without my brother there, and for some reason that made me sad even though i am used to being alone and usually love it.

    i dont know guys, hopefully im just feeling the after effects of trippin but that experience has told me that maybe i was abusing it. im not a "druggie" or anything, i hope u guys dont get the wrong idea. the day before i had an amazing introspective trip, i shouldve just left it at that and stopped smoking but i kept smoking which was stupid. i only did it because when i was high on it my music was amazing and i wanted to keep writing under that halo, but i see how a musician can go insane or die quickly from that, so remember that moderation is the key guys. sorry for the long ass post, hope it makes sense.
  2. Yeah man. There comes a time when you have to realise you need to slow things down.

    Sounds like you had an anxiety attack/ panic attack due to the weed, i have had them before.... Although i know very little about acid.
  3. follow your gut, is usually right.

    and maybe do somehting a little special for your girlfriend to make up?

  4. man, thats shitty. I know exactly almost how you feel though.

    Prepare a nice dinner for your gf, she will appreciate the hell out of it trust me. I was in a similiar situation once and knew I had to make up for it. Make her dinner and maybe carry her to a movie. Best of luck.
  5. if i cut back on weed and smoke some on any psyh sometimes i get anxious
  6. I've never smoked on any psychs, mainly because i didn't want to sit or sleep. But now knowing that it potinates it i will! lol

    But my opinion on your story is that you don't need to stop. You need to just be more responisible. If you know you can't see your chick high, then don't get high. You need to look at what is more important to you. Drugs or a girl? And honestly, you should let your girl know that you try LSD, herb, etc...
  7. yea i know, im just stopping for the time being because i need to get a job and i cant have filthy piss, not forever. i ddidnt plan on doing acid often anyway, i wait months before i do it again. she knows i smoke weed and shes tried it before....i told her i do lsd and wanted her to try it, she says she is thinking about it :rolleyes:.

    i just didnt want her to know that i was high and that was the reason that we couldnt see each other.
  8. Ah okay. Well then i guess it goes back to you saying "no" to acid so you can see your girlfriend sober, i'm sure if it makes her happy that you're sober, then her happiness would make you happy

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